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Throughout our more than 85 years supporting and advocating for manufacturing and with our experience producing events, publishing and media, membership, training and development, and through the SME Education Foundation, we’ve not only shared knowledge – we’ve learned too!

Manufacturing is at an historic place. Technological advances happening at unseen pace and magnitude, opportunities expanding beyond the availability of skilled workers, a greater awareness of the importance of manufacturing to economies and governments.

In this space, we’ll share our thoughts and ideas about the industry, the people, and the achievements that we’re watching, and some that we’re involved in – and very proud of.



College isn’t always the answer: stop asking high school students where they want to go
August 30, 2017

SME CEO Jeff Krause discusses a different approach to talking with young people about their future.



Engaging Students One Competition at a Time
August 9, 2017

Jeff Krause talks about the unique and important role that competitions can play in STEM education.



SME salutes 30 Under 30: Making their mark on manufacturing
July 28, 2017

Manufacturing Engineering magazine introduces their “30 Under30” list of young manufacturing achievers: meet them!



Michigan is taking action to fill the future manufacturing workforce pipeline
June 28, 2017

SME Education Foundation vice president Brian Glowiak discusses the Michigan Career Pathway Alliance and the benefit of the initiative to young people throughout the state.



Execution Gap Hurts Innovation
June 22, 2017

“Technology isn’t holding back innovation in the manufacturing industry. People are.” Find out the solution from Tooling U – SME vice president Jeannine Kunz.



A Renewed Commitment: Apprenticeships
June 15, 2015

600,000 manufacturing jobs are going unfilled because people lack the skills needed by employers. One solution offers time-tested results.