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To understand manufacturing, you must know not only what companies and products are accomplishing technologically but also who is making it all happen – and how our industry fosters and rewards ongoing learning and development. Today’s manufacturing is a highly valued industry that demands both advanced technology and creative, innovative people with revolutionary ideas.

SME’s Humans of Manufacturing aims to capture the stories of such groundbreakers in a unique light. The series showcases individuals from all walks of the manufacturing industry who’ve made a lasting impact. Whether they are using 3D printing to create leg coverings for prosthetic legs for soldiers and children, raising money for an impoverished village or helping students design and construct guitars, these industry leaders are completely changing the game.

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Humans of Manufacturing


Learning to Be a Leader

Amy Doroff, material planning lead at Whirlpool Corp.’s Findlay, Ohio, dishwasher plant, started her manufacturing career in 2015 through the appliance manufacturer’s internship program, where she began as an assembly engineer. “I've always been someone who likes hands-on things, and I thought manufacturing was a good fit,” she says. “You could see the value being created: You could literally walk down the assembly line and see the product of what we were all trying to achieve.”
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Latest Stories

Montez King

Changing Lives, One Credential at a Time

Instinct to follow positive people led to leadership role
Tom Singer

Teaching STEM with Guitars

Chance to build guitars is music to some students’ ears
Kim Taylor

Designing the Future of Work

Young firm focuses intently on existing workers
Ethan Baehrend

Creation without Constraints

18 years old and already a CEO
Eric Miller

A Stronger Team

3D-Generation Company Owner Trains to Retain
Matt Erbach

Teaching Duty Calls

Engineering Instructor Introduces Millennials to Manufacturing
Jennifer Baur and Mike Blackburn

Shutter Success

Entrepreneur Fulfills Lifelong Dream of Owning a Manufacturing Business
Wade Moore

Taking the Challenge

Wade Moore Opens His Own Shop, Plus Starts the MooreCNC YouTube Channel
Frank Rybicki

The Artist Within

Designing, Building Medical Parts Goes Far Beyond Manufacturing
The Power of Design

The Power of Design

Professor Uses 3D Printing to Help Children
Greg Burns

Gifts From Kenya

Mechanical Engineer, Business Owner Greg Burns Discovers that Helping Others is His Purpose
Humans of Manufacturing

In the Driver’s Seat

Carlo Cruz and Fellow Engineers use Advanced Technology to Develop, Define Culture of Innovation
Ann Kirkwood-Hall

Looking Forward to Monday

Business Owner Works Past Tragedy, Takes Over Manufacturing Business
John Stoneback

Manufacturing is in Entrepreneur’s DNA

With a Systematic Approach, a Tooling Flaw is Turned into Six Patents
Metal Grinder Overcomes Fears, Perseveres to Secure a Good Life for Her Family

Metal Grinder Overcomes Fears, Perseveres to Secure a Good Life for Her Family

Young Woman Becomes Stronger, More Confident Thanks to Apprenticeship
The Power of Positivity

The Power of Positivity

Manufacturing Gives Young Man the Drive to Begin Career in Trades
Carol Peters

‘Design & Manufacturing are Shaping the Future’

Executive Learns Early On that Manufacturing Career is Lucrative and Fun
It’s Like Riding a Bike

It’s Like Riding a Bike

Engineering Class Designs Bike Adapter for Girl with Prosthetic Forearm
Barb Dorumsgaard and Cynthia Blue

Lessons from Mom

For The Thielen Family, Manufacturing is a Proud Legacy

After the Final Breath

Owner of Full-Service Design & Fabrication Firm Lives Every Day to its Fullest
Printing Life

Printing Life

Doctor Pioneers Novel Use for Additive Manufacturing to Save Lives
Nicole Wolter

Diving into Manufacturing

Nicole Wolter Changes Career to Help Keep Family’s Manufacturing Business Open, Becomes President/CEO
Albert Manero

Limbitless Opportunities

Albert Manero Designs World’s First Iron Man Prosthetic Arm
Chris O'Rourke

Addicted to Fabrication

Turning a Love of Metal Fabrication into a Fine Art
Meredith McLinn

Astrophysicist Becomes Manufacturing Software Developer

Meredith McLinn Helps Refine Software Used for Medical Devices
Alfred Lyon

From Machinist to Instagram Star

Teaching Craftsmanship of Machining is Alfred Lyon’s Passion
Vicky Jandreau

Raising the Bar on Excellence

Thirst of Curiosity Leads Engineer to a Career in Lean Manufacturing
David Zopf

Revolutionary Learning Tool

Doctor Develops High Fidelity Simulators to Enhance Surgical Education
Adam Genei

Enjoying the Journey

Mobsteel Owner Believes in Hard Work & Virtue
Alysa Darrencamp

Bridging an Interest in Science with Manufacturing

Engineer Credits Mentor for Her Success in Auto Industry
Dave Kuehl

Limitations are Opportunities

Nothing is Impossible in Dave Kuehl’s Quiet World
Amanda Hutchings

From the Ground Up

Job Shop’s President Continues Legacy of Giving Back
Andrew Hanegmon

A Community of Innovators

Entrepreneur Encourages Creativity Via Manufacturing Makerspace
David Johnson

A Purposeful Life

Stroke Survivor Finds Strength in a Manufacturing Career
Fran Barker

Career as a Machinist is Challenging, Rewarding for Mother of Three

Machinist Embarks on a Lucrative, Rewarding Career at Specials Metals Co.
Fried Vancraen

Struck by Simplicity

Materialise Founder Says 3D Printing Industry Should Pride Itself on Helping People
Gene Sherman

An Olympic Training Center for Hands-On Skills

Immigrant Turns His Love of Making Things Into Unique Makerspace Facility
John Winzeler

Art Imitates Manufacturing

President of Gear Company Creates Positive Image for Industry Via the Arts
Lexy Schlemer

‘On a Wing and a Prayer’

Standing Behind Alexis Schlemer’s Success is Her Family, Passion for Metalworking
Joshua Mook

A Love Affair with Flying

Engineer Credits Grandfather for Introducing Him to Aviation
Manufacturing Hope

Manufacturing Hope

University Students Manufacture Devices to Help People with Disabilities
Lynette Gideon

Seamstress Applies Her Fashion Passion to Designing Robot Covers

Student Studies Fashion Design, Becomes Technical Field Specialist
Ken Church

Inspired by Love

Entrepreneur Ken Church Strives to Print the Impossible
Martin Bocks

Developing Hearts

Doctor Seeks to Solve Big Cardiology Problems in Small Children
Scott Hollister

Building Better Tissue

Doctor Leverages Engineering Tools to Save, Enrich Lives
Scott Rix

Paying it Forward

VP of Operations Mentors Employees, Helps Them Become Leaders
Sean Petterson

Helping ‘Industrial Athletes’ Avoid Injuries

CEO Puts Workers’ Safety First & Foremost with Wearable Tech Products
Titan Gilroy

Fighting for Change

Titan Gilroy’s Mission is to Teach Young People the Joy of Manufacturing
Whitney Sample

Whitney Sample empowers disabled children to live normal lives

Self-Professed Techno Geek Helps Design, Build Wilmington Robotic Exoskeleton

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