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Speaker Requirements and Guidelines

SME needs presenters who employ interactive learning formats, who utilize collaborative learning opportunities with design and delivery appropriate for all learners. SME asks that all the education content be:

  • High level, credible, relevant, timely and innovative.
  • Aligned and current with industry challenges and opportunities.
  • Applicable to meeting professionals who drive organizational success.
  • Employs a variety of adult learning delivery formats.
  • Suitable for multiple experience levels.

SME events aren’t typical conferences. Event attendees have very high expectations of the speakers and event experience because manufacturing event planning is a key strength of SME ― it specializes in bringing together key leaders and influencers from across the manufacturing industry. The SME event team works with speakers well in advance of its conferences to help shape presentations and ensure success. Speaker types include:

  • Professional speakers who share expertise and subject-matter passion through unique delivery styles.
  • Faculty who share specific industry knowledge and information through adult learning experiences.
  • Subject-matter experts who share specific industry knowledge and expertise.

SME is looking for presenters who think along and outside the box and brainstorm to make the most of the experience. It craves individuals who can provide multiple session proposals, additional one-on-one coaching for participants, are available for meet and greets and can provide creative ideas, in addition to a superb educational session delivery. Most speakers stay for the whole conference, soaking up the experience and connecting with the participants and other speakers. SME and its events team is committed to working closely with you so that you not only excel, but also to create an experience that’s fulfilling and beneficial for all. 

Proposals will be reviewed and scored based on content, format and presenter credentials.

  • Content. Is it credible, relevant, timely and innovative? Is it free of grammatical and spelling errors?
  • Format. Is the format conducive to adult learning? Are participatory learning formats used? Is the session designed to address all learning types?Presenter. Is the presenter knowledgeable, experienced and credible in the proposed content area?

Additional Considerations

  • Presenters collaborating in multiple content initiatives.
  • Appropriate and engaging session titles and descriptions.
  • Clear, concise session descriptions that accurately reflect proposed content.
  • Achievable and measurable objectives/learner outcomes.
  • Appropriate length, format, method and audience interaction.
  • Practical, real-world application.
  • Relevance to the industry’s body of knowledge advanced-level content.
  • Introduction of new ideas and methods; promotion of new skills or knowledge.
  • Evaluation data from previous conferences.
  • Geographic proximity of the presenter.

Note: Proposals of a commercial nature that promote or market products and/or services will not be considered.

More Information

  • Sessions times: 30 minutes to two hours, subject to final programming schedule.
  • Submission does not guarantee inclusion in the conference.
  • MPI provides recordings and/or transcriptions of presentations to conference attendees. Presenters who grant MPI permission to record their presentations are given preference in the selection process.
  • All submissions must be electronic.
  • Multiple proposals may be submitted, but must be sent individually.
  • Proposals missing required information will result in delay and may lead to rejection.
  • If submitting a proposal on behalf of someone else, enter the information of the presenter.


Looking for an Event?

An SME event draws out the biggest thinkers and doers in the industry – from innovators to key decision-makers. The collective brainpower is palpable. The opportunity to grow is unparalleled. Either as an attendee or as an exhibitor, there is no better place to advance your business.