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FAQ – Exhibitors

Cleaning & Hygiene

Will there be extensive cleaning and sanitization practices in place?
Yes, every facility will be certified by the Global Biorisk Advisory Council (GBAC) or provide comparable health and safety protocols.
  • Each facility will be deep-cleaned prior to setup and again before the event begins.
  • Building intake and air change rates will increase during occupied event hours, and HVAC air filters will be replaced with MERV-13 or equivalent filters.
  • Continuous, daily cleaning of high-touch areas such as door handles, restrooms, and food and beverage areas will be conducted.
  • Exhibitors will be asked to frequently disinfect their products, displays and high-touch areas.
Is there a company I can hire to clean my booth?
Yes, this service is available at all SME events, typically via our general service contractor, or other official vendor appointed as SME’s booth cleaning provider. You can order services through the order form provided in the exhibitor services manual.

Exhibit Booths

Will there be a limit on the number of people allowed in a booth at one time?
No, there will not be a limit on the number of people allowed in a booth at one time. However, exhibitors are encouraged to space out their lounge areas and provide open spaces within their exhibit.
Can exhibitors serve food in their booths?
Yes, based on the protocols set by event facilities, exhibitors may serve prepackaged food and beverages — ordered from the official food provider — in their booths. A bartender must be present to serve alcohol. All food and beverage protocols established by the facility must be strictly followed.
Do people need to make appointments to come into our exhibit space?
No, but the event app will allow exhibitors and attendees to set up appointments.
Will exhibitors be allowed to host networking events in their booths?
Yes, any in-booth networking activities must be approved by SME Event Management and follow SME and facility health and safety regulations.
Will dividers be placed between my booth and neighboring booths?
No, booth spaces will be delineated using standard materials. Any exhibitor with an adjacent exhibitor that wishes an 8-foot drape between them may request this of SME. Note, there must be a mutual agreement with neighboring booths to place a divider between exhibits. Please contact SME Operations staff to arrange this at no charge.

Badges & Registration

Will exhibitors be required to register for the event?
Yes, exhibitors will be required to pre-register their booth staff. SME will provide telephone support and written communications regarding the process. SME staff will also assist with registering exhibitor staff.
Can exhibitors wear company badges at SME events?
Yes, exhibitors are encouraged to utilize company badges and IDs; however, these are not a substitute for exhibitor registration/badges.
How will exhibitors collect leads at the event?
Exhibitors will utilize electronic lead retrieval systems to eliminate the exchange of business cards.

First Aid

Will first-aid services be available?
Yes, qualified first-aid staff will be on-site, and a separate quarantine area will be available if needed. If you are feeling ill prior to the event, please do not attend. If you begin to feel ill on-site, please return home safely or seek medical attention.


Will shuttle bus services be provided?
Yes, shuttle bus services will be available at select events and may have reduced capacities.
Will alternative transportation options be available?
Yes, taxis and ride-sharing services are available and strongly encouraged at SME events.

Health & Safety

Will face masks be required?
Currently, in California (WESTEC and AeroDef) and Massachusetts (EASTEC) facemasks are required by venue, local or state mandate for all in attendance regardless of vaccination status. In South Carolina (SOUTHTEC), face masks are currently not required for those who are fully vaccinated. Individual who are not fully vaccinated should wear a mask and maintain physical distancing guidelines at the event.

Guidelines for Mask Wearing:

  • Exhibitors should bring their own face masks.
  • Masks should fit snugly around the sides of your face; cover the nose, mouth and chin; and be affixed prior to arrival at the facility.
  • Mask removal will be allowed only for eating and/or drinking in designated food and beverage areas throughout the event.
  • Per the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) guidelines, a face shield is not an appropriate substitute for a face covering.
  • Masks will be provided by show management to those who need them.
Will proof of vaccination be required?
No, in accordance with the Reopening Ontario Act, exhibiting booth staff are not required to show proof of vaccination to participate at CMTS. However, all individuals entering The International Centre venue must acknowledge that they are not experiencing Covid-19 symptoms or have been exposed to Covid-19.
Will SME test all exhibitors and attendees for COVID-19 before they enter the event?
No, SME will not test exhibitors or attendees for COVID-19 before allowing them to enter.

Physical Distancing

How will traffic flow be controlled?
Separate entrances and exits will be clearly marked and used wherever possible. Exhibitors will notice increased safety signage throughout the exhibit halls, as well as verbal and visual reminders of safe-behavior guidelines that must be adhered to while at the event.
How will seating be determined for conference sessions?
Reduced seating capacities may be implemented according to the facility’s mandate and physical distancing guidelines.
Is there a specific entrance I should use?
Rather than a single entrance/exit area, there will be multiple entry and exit points, where possible. SME Staff will be contacting exhibitors in advance of the event to ensure they are aware of critical information.
How many customers will be allowed in the building?
SME will follow guidelines for indoor gatherings based on the policies of each city and/or facility.
Please Note: Our protocols and guidelines are subject to change based on applicable federal, state/province and local rules at the time of the event. SME reserves the right to change these guidelines and standards at any time. In the event that any changes are made, the updated standards and guidelines will be posted.