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2021 Safety First Commitment

Our Key Commitments for In Person Events

Under SME Events Health, Safety and Planning Standards, SME will expedite cleaning, personal hygiene, physical distancing and other measures as follows:

Cleaning and Hygiene

  1. Enhanced Cleaning:
    • All areas of the event will have continuous sanitization with an emphasis on high traffic and touch point areas. This includes event concierge desks, registration, entrances, meeting rooms, all common areas and restrooms in the facility.
    • All meeting rooms and spaces will have enhanced cleaning after each session and end of the day (up to three times a day).
  1. Personal Hygiene:
    • SME will provide a hand sanitizer station every 2000 square feet throughout the show floor.
    • Signage will be available as a reminder for participants to regularly wash and disinfect their hands and maintain social distancing.
  1. Venue Filtration:
    • Increased building intake/air change rates during occupied event hours.
    • This includes replacing HVAC air filters with adequate MERV-13 filters.

Physical Distancing

  1. Controlled Capacities:
    • A minimum of 6 feet distancing is required. Event Ambassadors will monitor all areas to help the practice of physical distancing.
    • Exhibit floors will allow wider aisles and, in some cases, one-way aisles to manage traffic flow. Signage will be prominently placed to navigate attendees throughout the event floor.
    • Exhibit hall and meeting room capacities will be clearly posted. All meeting rooms will comply with CDC guidelines and maintain 6 feet distancing.
  1. Non-Contact Registration:
    • Digital badges will be provided to all registrants via their mobile device.
    • All attendees are encouraged to pre-register. Concierge desks will be partitioned between attendees and staff.
    • Mobile messaging for latest updates; mobile service centers for ordering will be utilized for participants.
  1. Limit Physical Contact
    • Avoid all handshaking, embracing, sharing of materials. Digital distribution of printed materials is highly recommended.

Protection and Detection

  1. Personal Protective Equipment
    • All participants are required to wear a mask upon entry of the facility.
    • Masks will be available on-site. Exception would be in designated food and beverage areas while eating.
  1. Temperature Screening
    • All participants may be screened for elevated temperatures prior to event entry. Any person that has elevated temperature will be escorted to First Aid for further evaluation.
  1. First Aid
    • Every facility will have a designated first aid area, staffed with qualified first aid personnel available for any immediate response needs or medical issues.
  1. Event Staff
    • All events staff will be pre-screened for COVID-19 before and after the event.
    • Our staff have been properly training to the GBAC star accreditation and in implementing all protocols in our SME Health, Safety and Planning Standards.