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2021 Safety First Commitment

Exhibitor Guidelines

Our exhibitors are the backbone of SME Events and lead the way in providing a safe, informed experience while exhibiting at in person events.


Exhibitors will be strongly urged to preregister their booth staff. SME will provide telephone support and written communications regarding the process. SME staff will also assist with registering exhibitor staff.

Mobile Messaging for Latest Updates

Following registration, exhibitors will receive a text message as well as an email with a link to their digital badge.

Enhanced Customer Service

Service desks with fully trained staff will be available in registration areas and other key locations prior to the opening of an event to assist exhibitors with any of their needs.

Exhibitor Identification

Exhibitors are encouraged to utilize company badges and IDs; however, these are not a substitute for exhibitor registration.

Networking and Obtaining Business Leads

An important part of every event experience, these aspects should be conducted with the utmost safety.

Digital Leads

Event exhibitors will utilize electronic lead retrieval systems to eliminate the exchange of business cards.

Lead Retrieval Deliveries

Exhibitors will be encouraged to schedule a specific date and time for the delivery of lead retrieval equipment on-site to eliminate congestion at service counters. If possible, lead retrieval services will be provided electronically.