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Godfrey Onwubolu

Onwubolu-Godfrey_160x160.jpgDr. Godfrey Onwubolu started his healthcare 3D printing career at Delta Additive Manufacturing Inc., Canada, where he founded the company which focuses on providing digital solutions to the medical, dental, and orthotics & prosthetics sectors. He recently co-founded the Centre for Rehabilitation & Health Services (CREHS) where he is the President & Technical Director, a Canadian company operating as a digital laboratory; involved in research and innovations; and training of professionals in the healthcare industry. A blend of academia and industry, he previously worked in the manufacturing industry in England; held Professorship position in Manufacturing; and currently a Professor of Biomedical & Rehabilitation Engineering and Additive Manufacturing. He has published over 140 publications in international journals and 11 textbooks. His doctorate degree in CAD and practical experiences in additive manufacturing have leveraged the work he does in Healthcare 3D-Printing. He is a Professional Engineer. He is convinced that the potentials of additive manufacturing for the healthcare sector is the future.