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Technical Communities

Direct Digital Manufacturing Advisory Team

The Direct Digital Manufacturing Advisory Team is a group of technical experts who work closely with the Additive Manufacturing Community. The DDM Technical Working group meets monthly and is responsible for the execution of the Digital Manufacturing Challenge that is targeted to high school and university students as well as the Additive Manufacturing Webinar series. The DDM group is chaired by Carl Dekker and the Secretary is Peter Ried. The DDM group is always looking for engaged individuals to provide their expertise and knowledge surrounding 3D printing/additive manufacturing.


Digital Manufacturing Challenge

There is a pressing need to deploy engineering solutions for increasing global resilience against natural disasters and climate change. The 2020 Digital Manufacturing Challenge is a call for action to inspire the next generation of engineers to think about ways to deploy engineering design and manufacturing solutions to strengthen the response, mitigation and/or prevention of such disruptive events and envision an optimistic view of robust, sustainable, smart – even agile communities.

The tools of digital manufacturing are many, varied and powerful. They span the nano to the giga scales, transforming our world with data and engineering solutions to meet the needs of both the few and the many – often on demand.

Increasing interoperability, shorter product lifecycles, the ability to simplify or integrate features and functions, while simultaneously reducing size, weight, part count, and the need for rapid deployment are all providing opportunities to demonstrate both the capabilities and possibilities of digital manufacturing.

Students are asked to consider the many aspects of digital manufacturing and how they can enhance sustainability, health, security, and the joy of living through applications combining additive and subtractive manufacturing.

Cross-functional student teams are challenged to go beyond “additive only” to leverage the full power of digital manufacturing through design, analysis and optimization for a higher purpose.

Full Challenge Details

SME Discoveries - Digital Manufacturing Challenge Webinar

Join us for an engaging discussion with previous student and faculty winners of the Digital Manufacturing Challenge. In this webinar, faculty and students will share insight on how they devised and executed their winning project. Winners of the Digital Manufacturing Challenge have exhibited sound understanding and implementation of digital tools in the manufacturing process. They are gathered here to share their unique experiences and insights, for you.

May 12, 2021 | 6 pm (EST)

Recording will be added soon.


Rapid Medical Response to COVID-19 Fireside Chat

Join us for a fireside chat that explores how organizations applied Additive Manufacturing/3D printing to address medical supply challenges and the crisis response. This panel discussion brings together Medical AM experts to share their Rapid Medical response story.