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Direct Digital Manufacturing (DDM) Group

The Direct Digital Manufacturing (DDM) Group is a group of technical experts who work closely with the Additive Manufacturing Community. The DDM Technical Working group meets monthly and is responsible for the execution of the Digital Manufacturing Challenge that is targeted to high school and university students as well as the Additive Manufacturing Webinar series. The DDM group is chaired by Carl Dekker and the Secretary is Peter Ried. The DDM group is  always looking for engaged individuals to provide their expertise and knowledge surrounding 3D printing/additive manufacturing.


Digital Manufacturing Challenge

Energy and the work it can do are fundamental to our world and they exist in many forms. Harnessing energy through its generation or conversion, transfer and storage, is often accompanied by heat.

The 2019 Digital Manufacturing Challenge emphasizes the thermal management or temperature control of systems, processes or devices that generate, convert, transfer or store energy.

Cross-functional teams are challenged to leverage the design freedom inherent in additive manufacturing in order to simplify or integrate features and functions while simultaneously reducing size, weight and increasing the efficiency of a thermal management system, process or device.

A virtual prototype is to be created comprehending one or more of the seven available additive manufacturing processes.

Contestants must recommend and justify their additive design, process and material selections through their research and cost-benefit/value analysis, and must also include a discussion of all manufacturing considerations in order to achieve the form, function and capability/performance claimed.


Experience the full potential of Additive Manufacturing

The Interactive Rapid Additive Manufacturing Portal (iRAMP) is a tool that allows you to make informed decisions when considering the purchase of an AM machine/3D printer. Enter your specifications and iRAMP provides you with a list of machines that meet your criteria and can likely make your part.