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Digital Manufacturing Challenge

AM to the Rescue: Digital Manufacturing Agility to Address Crises

Deadline: February 27, 2023 (11:59 PM)

DMC Submission Requirements and Judging Criteria Submit Your DMC Project

Problem Statement/Mission

This year’s challenge seeks ways to address natural or man-made disasters – circumstances where our fellow human beings are made homeless.  For some, whether next door or half-way around the world, this is not an abstract concept but a present or future reality.  How can our creativity and problem-solving skills bring aid and comfort to others in need?  How can we amplify the human touch of first responders through products, components, or systems that prepare for or respond/adapt quickly to severe and acute circumstances wrought by fire, wind, water, even war?

Under such circumstances “creature comforts,” often taken for granted, may be few and far between in terms of distance and time, and may be large or small.  Teams are challenged to address the needs of those in distress with individual products at scale or with small- or large-scale systems.

Consider one, some, or all of the following:

  1. Shelter (individual or multi-family)
    • Adapting to the geographic site and conditions of the disaster with suitable tools and methods.
    • Reuse, restore, repurpose, recycle the wreckage/remains.
    • Include water/sanitation, electrical/communications, heating/cooling – whether independent and self-contained/self-sustaining or connected to existing, perhaps damaged infrastructure.
    • Perhaps such shelter and facilities should be mobile, modular, reconfigurable, able to be repurposed, upgradable, scalable, reproducible – transforming the way we relate to the planet and to each other creating the foundation for a community even more desirable than traditional, permanent shelter/housing?
    • Consider food production/preparation/storage, clothing, transportation/logistics – a circular economy.

  2. Medical supplies/devices/facilities, prioritizing the urgent/important needs over “nice to have” wants.
  3. Manufacturing facilities as an economic engine of restoration and prosperity by and for all from mercantile to industrial scale.


  • Apply only existing additive or conventional technologies – not something yet to be developed.
  • Backfill conventional with additive components only if necessary, appropriate, and possible.
  • You may address individual parts of the system or the entire system in response to this challenge.
  • Consider legal frameworks. Avoid liability/warranty issues but consider the merits and impact of private property rights under such extreme circumstances.


Complete and competitive submissions are expected in the form of a business case. After completing the challenge with advice and guidance of our judges, contestants may wish to consider preparing a funding proposal or a journal paper.

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How to Enter

Steps to submit Digital Manufacturing Challenge Project

  1. Click the DMC “Submit Your Project Button”.
  2. Add team leader, team members and an academic advisor. Be sure to include each person’s first and last name, email address, role, and academic institution.
  3. All project files should be included in a zip folder or equivalent to be uploaded onto the platform. Files should include:
    • STL files of your design
    • Title of your entry on every file.
    • A document according to the “Submission and Judging Criteria” page
      • Template for formatting the submission to be added soon!
    • Your name(s), contact information, and résumé(s) for circulation among potential employers
    • New - Teams have the option to include a video that supports their project. It is not required, but highly encouraged. Please add the link to your video. YouTube or another file sharing platform is acceptable.

What's in it for you?

  • Complimentary conference pass to RAPID + TCT
  • A stipend of $1,000 to use for travel and lodging to the conference
  • A certificate of achievement
  • A complimentary, one-year SME student membership
  • A recognition letter sent to the winner with a copy sent to the university advisor/educator

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