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SME has a turnkey approach to building the right, customized workforce development program for you. Our skilled team are your training consultants, whether you're looking for on-site training, validation of employee skill level (certification), webinars, books and Video ... just to name a few. We partner with you to ensure you reach your objectives. SME members receive generous discounts on preparatory materials and exams.

Certification for Groups

Gain a clear understanding of your employees manufacturing skill set through SME's Technical Certification exams, the industry-leading program. Use the results of as an employee development tool.

Identify your company as Lean by and aligning your employees with the industry-standard Lean Certification program, integrating key Lean principles starting with the Lean Bronze Certification.


Will training improve your team's effectiveness? Certainly it will. But you must know what training they need and then have it delivered by strong training talent. We can help with both!

Through a needs analysis and self assessment, together we get a comprehensive snapshot of your team's knowledge and skills opportunities. Then, we help you meet your learning objectives through effective, on-the-mark training sessions at your facility. Best of all, we can customize the programs to meet your unique situation and environment.

Also, build a custom-training package that includes:

Jobs Connection

Find qualified manufacturing candidates and post your open manufacturing positions with SME on the online Jobs Connection.

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