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SME’s 2018 Digital Manufacturing Challenge — combined with participation at RAPID + TCT — is an exciting and rewarding way to help fuel the interests of the next generation in manufacturing careers and to plant the seeds of innovation for future generations!

SME is seeking sponsors for its 2018 Digital Manufacturing Challenge. The challenge winners will be recognized at RAPID + TCT in April 2018 in Fort Worth, Texas. (See a complete list of designs and previous winners below.)

The Digital Manufacturing Challenge is the cornerstone of SME’s Direct Digital Manufacturing Tech Group. It is the premier 3D and additive manufacturing competition designed to engage high school, undergraduate and graduate teams to go beyond the classroom and think about problems and solutions in a new way.

2017 DDM Winners - Virginia Tech
2017 Winning Team - Virginia Tech

Student designers and engineers are challenged to go beyond the classroom or laboratory to showcase their technical and commercial talents by demonstrating new and creative ways that additive manufacturing can create innovative ideas and add value.

Make a difference in the lives and education of these students. These sponsorships helps to support student engagement at RAPID + TCT, and they provide your company with the opportunity to connect to the next generation of manufacturers as well as to increase awareness of your brand. Your generous sponsorship will be acknowledged in the following prominent ways. (Three Levels – limited)

Sponsorship Opportunity Gold
(In Kind)
Present awards at ceremony at RAPID + TCT prior to keynote.
(University team and high school team)
Individual PPT slide at awards presentation prior to the kick off keynote Checkmark    
Sponsor the winning team’s webinar. (Invitation to moderate and provide company information) Checkmark    
Networking breakfast or lunch with winning teams and faculty advisors. Include company logo on signage, tabletop signage, etc Checkmark Checkmark  
Contact information on postsecondary student teams and faculty advisors Checkmark Checkmark Checkmark
VIP seating at awards ceremony Checkmark Checkmark Checkmark
Signage at RAPID + TCT, including SME Booth. Checkmark Checkmark Checkmark
Company logo in the RAPID + TCT event directory Checkmark Checkmark Checkmark
Company logo on challenge marketing materials, including website, postcard and social media. Gold will be included in competition header preceded by the words, “Powered by…” Checkmark Checkmark Checkmark
Mention in outgoing news releases. Text recognition in emails, e.g., “Thank you to our sponsor(s)…” including in-kind good and services Checkmark Checkmark Checkmark

2018 Competition Theme: Custom Automotive Aftermarket Peripherals

Winning Projects & Teams

2017 Virginia Tech: Golf Training Grip
2016 University of Massachusetts-Lowell: Drone for Bridges
2015 University of Massachusetts-Lowell: 3D-Printed Prosthetic Leg for Dogs
2014 Western Illinois University: Nine-Piece Assembled Truck
2013 University of Massachusetts-Lowell: ACL Surgery Knee Brace
2012 University of Louisville: Camera Cap and SD Card Holder
2011 University of Massachusetts-Lowell: Forearm Crutch Handgrip
2010 Utah State University: Rechargeable, Universal Remote
2009 Georgia Institute of Technology: Golf Iron Heads with Integrated Sensors
2008 Utah State University: Aftermarket Car-Door Handles
2007 Utah State University: Customized Web Camera

SME 3D Challenge logoIf you are interested in being a sponsor, please contact:
Suzy Marzano
SME Product Development Manager or 313.425.3237

NOTE: Gold and silver sponsorships are limited to two slots each.

Bronze suppliers can provide products and services including: software, printers, etc., to students. Bronze supplier can be included in the directory and website with donated supplies of at least $1,500. Customized sponsorships available.