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Women Driving Innovation in Manufacturing

Jenny Ono Suttaby's 30-Year Manufacturing Journey

The SME Toronto chapter is very fortunate to have Jenny Ono Suttaby in their core team and takes this opportunity to convey thanks to Jenny for her relentless service for more than 30 years to the manufacturing community and the SME Toronto Chapter 26.  She has been associated with SME Toronto for more than 3 decades and is a very active member of the chapter to date. Jenny shares her journey of 30+ years in the manufacturing sector and recalls her experience with the SME community during a past chapter summer social event.

My association with the world of manufacturing and tech began with the need for a job. I had originally trained as an art teacher, but, after raising a family, did not wish to return to the K - 12 level of teaching. I invested in some career counselling which pointed me toward the tech world and returned to school in my middle age. I chose a school which had the highest percentage of graduates employed in the field of their training. So, despite a lack of experience in anything mechanical, I enrolled in the three-year Machine Design Technology course at George Brown College in Toronto. I found it fascinating.

My first acquaintance with SME was through contact with Toronto Chapter 26 whose members encouraged our class to form the first Student Chapter, S156, in the Toronto area. From then on, SME provided me with ongoing information and contacts with the world of manufacturing. After working in the field for several years and then teaching at GBC for another several years, I have now retired.

Throughout all this time SME has provided contact with exciting developments in manufacturing. I have enjoyed the stimulation and excitement of seeing new technologies and techniques such as CAD/CAM, Robotics, 3-D modelling, six-sigma, AI, use of powders in manufacturing, the transition from rapid prototyping to additive manufacturing, the Internet and email, and the development from desktop computers to gadgets such as Google Home. Quite a world!

Jenny Ono Suttaby
March 7, 2021