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Sustainability Within Manufacturing

Manufacturing is always progressing. One of the ways manufacturers today look to achieve this advancement is by striving for more sustainable methods of production. In honor of the 50th anniversary of Earth Day, SME looks at some of the most recent sustainability initiatives happening around the manufacturing industry.

Creativity and innovation within manufacturing help drive change we see in the world. Earth Day is a moment in time when individuals unite in call for creativity, innovation, ambition, and bravery to see a change for good to all. #EarthDay2020 is an annual event celebrated around the world on April 22 to demonstrate support for environmental protection.

Under the lean manufacturing system, seven wastes are identified: defects, inventory, motion, over-processing, overproduction, transport, and waiting. Now more than ever we’ve seen manufactures put a priority on their environmental responsibility through initiatives targeted to combat waste. Manufactures are taking a seriously look at product improvements, increased efficiency, green initiatives, and overall more sustainable production methods. The manufacturing industry has the potential to make the greatest impact to the environment in 2020.

Explore these SME features that bring attention to the importance of sustainability within manufacturing:

Superhard Materials Help Futureproof Automotive

Superhard Materials Help Futureproof Automotive

Automotive customers are increasingly demanding that electric cars do more and be more sustainable, meaning manufacturers need to maximize efficiency and machining speeds, while reducing costs.
Manufacturing users employ the latest AR and VR technologies in implementing Siemens’ global PLM to connect far-flung factory locations.

PLM Takes On Digital Transformation

Customers believe that embracing the transformative power of virtual worlds is essential to realizing companies’ goals of delivering increasingly more innovative and sustainable products.
The BUMAX facility in Åshammar, Sweden.

Fastener Manufacturer Cuts Energy Use in Half While Streamlining Production

BUMAX sources 100 percent of its electricity from renewable hydroelectric power plants. In 2019, the company used approximately 1,249 MWh of renewable electricity.
ABS, PET and rPET will join ULTEM, PEEK, polycarbonate and any thermoplastic up to 500°C as material options on the SAAM HT. This Yuyo surfboard was 3D printed from recycled rPET.

Cincinnati Incorporated to Offer New 3D Printing Materials from BASF for the SAAM HT

Nearly half of all total waste is generated by plastics, and 3D printing provides a big chance to add sustainability to manufacturing methods.
New Company Advances Sustainability in AM

New Company Advances Sustainability in AM

6K’s new UniMelt microwave-based plasma technology can take metallic, alloyed and ceramic industrial scrap and turn it into premium powders for AM and other uses.
New Ventures, Partnerships, Strong Growth Power AM

New Ventures, Partnerships, Strong Growth Power AM

As new players adopt AM for production, interesting applications emerge. Increasing efficiency, green initiates, material developments, and overall sustainability are key goals to major players in the industry.

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