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Press Release

RAPID + TCT 2020 Event Brings Medical Additive Manufacturing Thought Leadership, Technological Know-How and Manufacturing Solutions to Anaheim April 20-23

North America’s largest and most influential 3D printing event celebrates 30th year.

SME and Rapid News Publications’ RAPID + TCT 2020 event, which will assemble the additive manufacturing/3D printing industry’s best thinkers, innovators and doers April 20-23 in Anaheim, California, will feature a medical education track of in-depth knowledge covering the design and manufacture of implants, dental devices, tissues and more using a variety of additive manufacturing technologies.

RAPID + TCT, which in 2020 celebrates its 30th year, will spotlight the medical market in a Medical Additive Manufacturing Showcase that spans all four days of the event, because the benefits of additive manufacturing for medicine have made it a key market for the emerging technology. More than 100 of the event’s 400 exhibitors have a medical focus.

“Our Medical Additive Manufacturing Showcase offers significant content for one of the fastest-growing segments in additive manufacturing,” said Maria Conrado, SME’s senior event manager for RAPID + TCT. “The showcase will feature two workshops on hospital-based 3D printing and regulatory and quality considerations; five conference sessions over three days with 18 presentations; a thought-leadership panel on hospital-based 3D printing; over 100 exhibitors focused on medical; and the Medical Additive Manufacturing Science Center on the exhibit floor. The highlight of the event’s additive manufacturing medical content will be a keynote presentation on regenerative medicine by Dr. Anthony Atala of the Wake Forest School of Medicine.”

Conrado said the thought-leadership panel — “Hospital-Based 3D Printing: Better Patient Care Through In-House Manufacturing?” — will focus on how additive manufacturing is changing the business model for hospitals, allowing them to produce some of their own devices, such as anatomical models, prosthetics, orthopedic implants, bone and tissue scaffolds, dental devices and bioresorbable materials. Andy Christensen, FSME, adjunct professor of the Department of Radiology at the University of Ottawa, will moderate the panel featuring panelists from Walter Reed National Military Medical Center, the Mayo Clinic, Veterans Health Administration and the Rady Children’s Hospital in San Diego.

A key feature of the Medical Additive Manufacturing Science Center, Conrado said, are the Medical Enabling & Emerging Technologies (MEET) exhibitors. These are emerging companies featuring technologies to build awareness of the innovation occurring within the medical marketplace. Eight companies have been selected to participate in the MEET area.

Also, as part of this year’s RAPID + TCT event, and in the Medical Additive Manufacturing Science Center, is the Live Lab presented by the Mayo Clinic. The Live Lab is an experience that will allow attendees to see and interact with the lab’s biomedical engineers who work with radiologists and surgeons as they operate a 3D-printing lab for patients. The healthcare technology management experts will create patient-specific anatomic models and surgical guides, which allow for enhanced presurgical comprehension and planning.

To learn more about the general offerings at RAPID + TCT, visit There, you can view the event schedule and see the list of exhibitors and speakers. Get involved in the conversation before, during and after the event by following RAPID + TCT 2020 on Facebook and @RAPID_Event on Twitter.

To learn more about the Medical Additive Manufacturing Showcase, the MEET area or the event’s medically oriented workshops, conference sessions, exhibit floor features or the Live Lab, visit the Medical Additive Manufacturing landing page on the RAPID + TCT website through the following link: Medical Additive Manufacturing.