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Press Release

Tooling U-SME Provides Tips on Bridging the Workforce Generation Gap

New Report Offers Measures to Help Multigenerational Co-Workers Work Better Together

Tooling U-SME – the leading provider of manufacturing training solutions — has issued a new report, “6 Ways To Build A Cohesive Multigenerational Workforce: Prepare For The Future, Now.” The report guides companies on leveraging the knowledge and skills of a workforce that includes the silent generation, baby boomers, Generation X, millennials and Gen Z — all at once. Not in at least a century has the workforce been comprised of five generations working together. Today’s manufacturers are in the perfect position to benefit from this cross-pollination of diverse groups.

“Our new multigenerational report offers easy-to-adopt tips that will help manufacturers recruit, retain and train younger tech-savvy workers while providing senior staff with fresh on the job perspectives as they pass along tribal knowledge to their younger colleagues,” said Jeannine Kunz, vice president, Tooling U-SME. “These steps produce tangible results that can help manufacturers strengthen their workforce, drive innovation, productivity and business growth.”

The six tips for building a cohesive multigenerational manufacturing workforce and creating an engaged, productive and satisfied workplace are:

Build a Culture that Respects Diversity — All generations thrive when guidelines and expectations around values and behaviors within a company are clear. Accountability becomes the benchmark for success — no matter what age the employee.

Communication is Key — A company needs to provide generational training and highlight the value of each age group so they can communicate better. Training all employees on generational differences and similarities will make a more cohesive environment.

Create a Collaborative Environment — Creating a collaborative environment where all employees across the company have a chance to interact will break down stereotypes and misperceptions. Comfort zones, social breaks, engagement teams and mentorship programs will help build connections and camaraderie.

Provide Regular and Immediate Feedback — Five minutes of clear, direct feedback regularly will keep workers motivated and engaged.

Build a Formal Training Program — Offering ongoing learning opportunities for all employees boosts their confidence and interaction while building loyalty, morale and productivity.

Ensure all Feel Invested in the Company — Leaders can motivate their employees to go above and beyond every day when they make employees feel that their job and their contribution matter.

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