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Press Release

Manufacturers to Find Key Opportunities in IIoT and Big Data at SOUTHTEC

The revolutionary digitalization of manufacturing — also known in the industry as Industry 4.0 — affects everything from production to processes to security. One of the greatest though perhaps least considered demands of Industry 4.0 is understanding of both the benefits and consequences of an integrated and connected operational infrastructure. To help companies maneuver through this transformation, SME and AMT ‒ The Association For Manufacturing Technology, have assembled an expert group of speakers who will share thought-provoking insights about the technologies impacting the industry during SOUTHTEC 2019, Oct. 22-24, at the Greenville Convention Center in Greenville, South Carolina.

One such authority is Christopher Saldana, associate professor, Georgia Institute of Technology, who will discuss what state-of-the-art technology looks like on the shop floor and how to make strategic investments in technologies such as connected infrastructures without breaking the bank. During his keynote presentation — “Industrial IoT and Big Data: Keeping your Plant at the Sharp Edge of the Tool” — Saldana will delve into everything from edge computing, cloud solutions and the impact these technologies will have on the manufacturing workforce.

“For a long time, so many in the manufacturing sector have avoided the idea of a connected infrastructure — whether it’s because of security, workforce or cost,” said Saldana. “Even though some of those barriers still exist, companies must start somewhere if they want to take advantage of the transformation occurring in the computing or industrial internet of things sectors.”

In addition to the keynote presentations, SOUTHTEC will feature new product launches that will help further revolutionize the manufacturing industry. Vention — a custom manufacturer of industrial machinery, equipment and assemblies — will launch its new MachineLogic feature that allows manufacturers to develop comprehensive automation sequences online in the context of their 3D model. MachineLogic supports the entire library of plug-and-play components from Vention, including belt actuators, ball screw actuators, rotary indexers, automated conveyors, sensors and encoders. The code-free programming environment takes an automation project from the cloud to the shop floor in a matter of days.

Additionally, German machine company SW will introduce its BA W02-22i and the BA 322i integrated automation solutions, which are capable of lights-out machining. Left unattended and uninterrupted, these solutions can run parts for several consecutive shifts. Both feature a vertical pallet storage capacity of eight to 24 trays that load and unload themselves. The BA W02-22i is equipped with a linear motor so it is a remarkably fast option for nonferrous parts. The BA 322i, on the other hand, can machine magnetic components — although thanks to its stiff, comparatively light construction, the BA 322i also runs parts at a swift pace. Both machines are ideal for parts that fit within the range of 200 to 300 mm, particularly small automotive and medical parts. The amount of labor needed to operate the machines is significantly reduced. Downtime due to human error is similarly mitigated, and the machines are productive even during off hours.

“This year’s SOUTHTEC event will address everything from new technology integration, economics and workforce development. With all the new product introductions, our attendees will have plenty of opportunities to learn what they need to do to prepare their enterprises for the future,” said Dirk von Gal, SME’s director of U.S. Events. “We expect this event to be insightful as well as impactful.”

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