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Press Release

2019 SME International Directors and Member Council Representatives Take Office

In addition to its five officers of the Board of Directors, SME has installed eight international directors to serve on the governing body of the organization. Elected by the entire voting membership of SME, the directors began their terms this month.

2019 SME officers:

  • Mark L. Michalski, MKS Instruments, retired (2019 SME president)
  • Susan M. Smyth, PhD, FSME, General Motors, retired (2019 SME president-elect)
  • Michael D. Packer, FSME, Lockheed Martin Aeronautics Co. (2019 SME vice president)
  • Dianne Chong, PhD, FSME, The Boeing Co., retired (2019 SME treasurer)
  • James W. Schlusemann, Prosperia International (2019 SME secretary)

2019 SME international directors:

  • Winston F. Erevelles, PhD, St. Mary’s University (2018-19)
  • Vincent W. Howell Sr., FSME, CMfgE, Corning Inc. (retired) (2019-20)
  • Thomas R. Kurfess, PhD, FSME, PE, Oak Ridge National Laboratory (2018 SME president)
  • Dean S. Phillips, LINK Systems (2018-19)
  • Ralph L. Resnick, FSME, National Center for Defense Manufacturing and Machining; America Makes (2018-19)
  • Steven R. Schmid, PhD, FSME, PE, University of Notre Dame; National Science Foundation (2019-20)
  • Rebecca R. Taylor, The National Center for Manufacturing Sciences (2019-20)
  • Albert J. Wavering, FSME, National Institute of Standards and Technology (2019-20)

The 2019 SME Member Council has also assumed their offices. The council works to recognize and meet the needs of members and counsel SME leadership on effective membership recruitment, retention and engagement.

2019 SME Member Council:


  • Edye S. Buchanan, CMfgT, BriskHeat Corp.


  • Brett A. Peters, PhD, University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee

Immediate Past Chair

  • Jason B. Jones, PhD, Hybrid Manufacturing Technologies

Council Representatives

  • Vesna Cota, Tyco Electronics Canada ULC
  • Melissa T. Dochter, Schneider Electric
  • John Kovalchuck, LSME, CMfgE, Macomb Community College
  • Lonnie J. Love, PhD, FSME, Oak Ridge National Laboratory
  • Kyle M. Riegel, United Equipment Accessories
  • William R. “Will” Sniadack, Metso Flow Control USA
  • Brock T. Strunk, Epic Aircraft
  • Phillip S. "Phil" Waldrop, PhD, LSME, Georgia Southern University (retired)

Applications from SME members interested in consideration for Board or Member Council seats must submit applications before Feb. 15, 2019.

About SME

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