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ITEAM Platform Launched to Evaluate Feasibility of Additively Manufacturing Parts

(FORT WORTH, Texas) — SME, working with the Florida Institute of Technology’s Michael Grieves, PhD, and other industry partners, has announced the beta launch of the Independent Technical Evaluation of Additive Manufacturing Consortium (ITEAM) evaluation platform. The web-based ITEAM platform consists of evaluation tools and a virtual repository of machine and material capabilities to aid users in making better decisions in additive manufacturing, also known as 3D printing. The launch was announced before the opening keynote at the RAPID + TCT event in Fort Worth, Texas.

ITEAM compares and calculates the best machine, material and process for a particular application. Utilizing SAM-CT (size, accuracy and materials + economic evaluation of cost and throughput) methodology, companies can upload their part file to the secure platform and evaluate whether something “can” and “should” be produced by additive manufacturing. This helps manufacturers reduce risking valuable time and resources on trial and error in the manufacturing process.

“To truly take advantage of the benefits and opportunities created by additive manufacturing, companies need the ability to quickly and easily judge the suitability of the process for making their products,” said Grieves, executive director, Center for Advanced Manufacturing and Innovative Design at the Florida Institute of Technology. “The beta launch of the ITEAM platform now provides users with an accurate and reliable tool to make the best technical and economic decisions about production.”

ITEAM was created to be a center and clearinghouse for design for additive manufacturing research, methodology, qualification and advancements. New users are invited to join the ITEAM consortium, where they will be the first to know about new features and versions of the platform, have access to industry leaders and experts, and the opportunity to help influence development through input and iterative design. An additive manufacturing community section allows users to share experiences and feedback on equipment, materials and techniques, and create specialized apps.

“Manufacturers are continuously looking for new ways to reduce waste, improve productivity, produce better parts, and cut their time to market while cutting costs and eliminating expensive tooling,” said Debbie Holton, vice president, industry strategy and events, SME. “Additive manufacturing not only enables manufacturers to reach these goals, it allows products and geometries not possible with traditional manufacturing processes.”

Common applications across the additive manufacturing landscape include:

•       Consolidated assemblies

•       Lightweight components

•       Complex geometries

•       Multimaterial parts

•       Embedded sensors

•       Compressed manufacturing cycle times

More information, and the opportunity to ask questions or get involved, can be found at

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About Michael Grieves

Michael Grieves is a world-renowned expert on Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) and virtual-to-physical product engineering and manufacturing. Grieves is the author of the seminal books on PLM and the originator of the Digital Twin concept. He is the executive director of Florida Tech’s Center for Advanced Manufacturing and Innovative Design (CAMID) and a University Research Professor. Grieves has over 40 years technical, executive and board experience in the information technology, manufacturing, and sports industries.


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