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Meet the 2023 SME President

SME is proud to announce that we have elevated James W. Schlusemann, LSME, to be our 91st president.

"Together, we will position SME as the preeminent thought leader that inspires and educates a prosperous manufacturing community."

— James W. Schlusemann, LSME


James W. Schlusemann Installed as 2023 SME President

SME is proud to announce that it has elevated James W. Schlusemann, LSME, to be its 2023 president. SME presidents are leaders in manufacturing who contribute their technical expertise and valuable career experiences to help advance the industry. Schlusemann’s accomplishments and new leadership role within SME were recognized at its annual Fall Gala in Atlanta. 

Schlusemann began his career as a machinist, setting up, operating and programming conventional and CNC machines that made parts for construction equipment, engines and trucks at Navistar. He soon became the director of global business integration in Navistar’s Engine Group. During his career, Schlusemann held positions as process, industrial and systems engineer. Ultimately, after introducing computers to factory floor operations, Schlusemann achieved the executive position of chief information officer for Navistar’s engine business. In that role, he directed initiatives that expanded business operations to Brazil, Mexico, India and China. Schlusemann later helped Navistar relaunch manufacturing foundries in Indiana and Wisconsin. His career spans the gamut of life on the production floor, leading major company initiatives, improving business practices, as well as bringing insight to the strategic issues facing organizations in today's world. 

Schlusemann is a well-rounded, experienced professional with a unique ability to help teams execute complex projects. He has great leadership skills that enable him to reach across cultural and organizational differences to create breakthrough solutions. Over the years, Schlusemann’s brought this experience to SME, serving on the SME Member Council and the SME Board of Directors in 2005, 2006, 2011 and 2016-21, respectively. He has contributed to SME through additional board work groups assisting with strategy, branding and governance. Schlusemann has also served as an advisor for SME’s former Product Design and Automation and the Product Data Management and Exchange tech groups. In addition, he led a team contributing to the fifth edition of the Fundamentals of Tool Design. Schlusemann is the founder and president of Prosperia International LLC, focusing on business process improvement and management services. He has been an SME member since 1989.

James Schlusemann at Navistar Factory

Q&A with Jim Schlusemann

Jim has long been an active leader with SME, serving several stints on the SME Member Council and Board of Directors. He recently spoke with Manufacturing Engineering (ME) Senior Editor Steve Plumb about his life and career, goals as the 2003 SME president, and trends and challenges in manufacturing.

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Since SME was formed in 1932, its esteemed community of presidents have been an important part of the organization's history and an integral part of its future. SME presidents are leaders in manufacturing and academia who contribute their technical expertise and valuable career experiences to the organization and industry.