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Jud Hall Composites Manufacturing Award

The J.H. "Jud" Hall Composites Manufacturing Award honors the late Judge H. Hall (1931-85) for his dedication to making the former Composites Manufacturing Association of SME (CMA/SME) an established group within the composites manufacturing industry, and for his contributions to the development of composites technology. Hall was issued U.S. Patent 3962394 — "Method for molding fiber reinforced composite tube" in June 1976. Previously, he was a member of the technical staff, TRW Inc., Redondo Beach, California, and chair of the former CMA/SME.

This internationally eligible award is presented annually to an individual who has contributed to the composites manufacturing or tooling technology through leadership, technical developments, patents or educational activities. It recognizes excellence in the development or improvement of processes, tooling and applications, as well as achievements in composites research, education and technology transfer. The J.H. "Jud" Hall Composites Manufacturing Award celebrates innovation in solving issues related to production and applications development, and acknowledges significant contributions that reduce costs and waste streams, and improves quality and efficiency.

Nomination Submission Period: July 17 – September 12, 2023
Evaluation and Selection: September 14-20, 2023
Awardee Notification: September 22, 2023

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1. Technical Accomplishments (35%)
Please provide nominee list of achievements have contributed to composite products and advanced the technical state-of-the-art. Please provide list of publications and/or contributions to publications.
2. Industry Leadership (35%)
Nominee has demonstrated sustained recognition by peers and industry as a leader in Composites Industry. Leadership in this area excludes technical accomplishments but can include speaking, presenting, leading beyond the candidate's employer. Leadership can be in segments like R&D, Education, Production, Materials, Processes, Design etc.
3. Community & Education Service (20%)
Please provide a record of composites-related teaching, mentoring and significant presentations. Please provide nominee community service or supporting others (nominee time or development of resources)
4. Honors / Recognition (5%)
Recognition received by the nominee from company, technical societies or community organizations.
5. SME Engagement / Service (5%)
Nominee support to local or national-level SME activities and events (ie Aerodef, RAPID + TCT, etc.)


Application Process & Rules

  • Individuals nominating an individual for this award will complete and submit their nominations online during the nomination period. All forms must be submitted electronically. 
  • The winning individual must:
    • Be present at the ceremony to accept the award during SME's annual AeroDef Manufacturing event.
    • Consent to full media release to SME, which will allow SME to announce recipient along with notable references regarding the criteria that resulted in their selection as the winner.  

Questions? Contact or check out our Frequently Asked Questions page for additional information.

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2021 Award Winner

Dr. Ahmed Arabi Hassen

Dr. Ahmed Arabi Hassen, R&D Staff Scientist, U.S. Department of Energy's Oak Ridge National Laboratory, is the recipient for the 2021 J.H. “Jud” Hall Composites Manufacturing Award. He is leading ORNL's development efforts for advanced manufacturing of molds and dies for the composite manufacturing industry. Hassen also contributed to creating a new market of Additive Manufacturing (AM) in the composite tooling industry by developing novel technologies including a new class of composite feedstock materials for large scale AM systems, tooling for industry 4.0 with integrated sensors, and smart tooling via machine learning integration.
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Jud Hall Composites Manufacturing Award Winners

Ahmed Arabi Hassen PhD (2021)
Kurtis Willden (2020)
Douglas D. Decker (2019)
Larry Pelham (2018)
Dimitrije Milovich (2017)
Scott Lewit (2016)
Gary Georgeson (2015)
Mamidala Ramulu, PhD, FSME (2014)
Doug McCarville, PhD, PE (2013)
Jon B. DeVault (2012)
John D. Russell, D.Sc. (2011)
David C. Dickson (2010)
Vernon M. Benson (2009)
Robert J. Basso, PE (2002)
Elbert L. "Burt" Rutan (2001)
John W. Gillespie Jr. (2000)
Edgar E. Morris (1999)
Brian E. Spencer, PhD (1998)
James C. Leslie, PhD, FSME (1997)
Scott W. Beckwith, PhD (1996)
Melvin M. Schwartz (1995)
Cecil W. Schneider, FSME, PE (1994)
L.E. "Roy" Meade (1993)
Leslie J. Cohen, PhD (1992)
Larry J. Ashton (1991)
Richard A. Lofland, FSME (1990)
Robert L. Pinckney (1989)
Samuel J. Dastin (1988)
George P. Peterson, FSME (1987)
W. Brandt Goldsworthy (1986)