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Joseph A. Siegel Service Award

The Joseph A. Siegel Service Award is part of the International Honor Awards, and is awarded to an SME member for significant and unique contributions that benefit SME. This award is the only International Honor Award that must only be conferred upon SME members. (Named after SME's first president, Joseph Siegel.)

Nomination Eligibility & Requirements

  • Nominations can be submitted for both U.S. and international citizens.
  • SME membership is required the Joseph A. Siegel Service Award.

To submit an International Honor Award nomination:

  • Download the nomination form (MS WORD)
  • Verify that the nominee meets all of the outlined eligibility requirements.
  • Include three (3) letters of recommendation, preferably on letterhead; one letter should be submitted by the nominator, which briefly highlights the accomplishments of the nominee. Note: Self-nominations and/or submissions will not be accepted.
  • Submit, as thoroughly as possible, supporting information (publications, innovations, patents) on the nomination form.

Send completed nomination form(s) and recommendation letters no later than Aug. 1 of each year to: 

SME International Awards & Recognition Committee 
c/o Executive Offices 
1000 Town Center, Suite 1910, Southfield, MI 48075
Fax: 313.425.3406 | Email:


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Recent Award Winner

Sandra Bouckley, FSME, P.Eng.

Sandra Bouckley is an accomplished senior executive with more than 40 years of experience at Fortune 500 companies in the automotive, aerospace, hydraulics, electrical and construction industries. In 2017, Bouckley served as SME president.
2023 International Honor Awards Recipients Press Release

Joseph A. Siegel Service Award Recipients (1955 to present)

Barcus Jr., James F. (1997)*
Bellow, Guy (1977)*
Bohlander, Ronald A., PhD, FSME (2008)
Bollinger, John G. (1994)
Bouckley, Sandra, FSME, P.Eng. (2023)
Carpenter, T. Bert (1959)*
Churchill, George H. (1989)*
Collins, Harold E. (1969)*
Cota, Vesna (2022)
Cox, Charles D., FSME, CMfgE, PE (2007)
Crotts, Marcus B., FSME, CMfgE, PE (1987)*
Demuth, J.J. (1970)*
Doty, Clarence W. (1985)*
Dougherty, Robert A. (1992)
Ernst, Edward W. (1956)*
Ewing, Wayne, FSME (1990)*
Ferrell, Jack L., FSME (2006)*
Ford, Frank F. (1966)*
Frost, Wayne F., LSME, CMfgE (2018)
Gardiner, Keith M., PhD, FSME (2003)
Harrelson, Ronald P., FSME, CMfgE (1996)
Healy, James P., LSME (2015)
Holland, Irwin F. (1963)*
Holmes, F. Brian, LSME, CMfgE (1999)
Johnson, William B., FSME (1984)*
Jones, O.B. (1955)*
Long, H. Dale (1968)*
MacKender, Bruce, LSME (2021)
Mackie, Peter F. (2016)
Manor, Donald I. (2000)
Marsh, Sheldon C. “Skip” (2014)
Marsilius, Philip R., PhD, FSME (1978)*
Martin, Myron M. (1983)
Martindell, Frank (1960)*
Miller, Emery P. (1980)*
Nelson, Eugene M., LSME (2012)
Orr, Wayne L., LSME, CMfgE (2017)
Osborn Jr., Harry B., PhD (1972)*
Papp, Louis M., FSME, PE (2004)
Peterson, Raymond C. (1967)*
Petz, Joseph L. (1974)*
Raynes, Burt F. (1971)*
Ruestow, Brian A. (2009)
Rylander, Andrew E. (1958)*
Sabroff, Alvin M., FSME (2005)*
Sargent, Albert M. (1961)*
Schneider, Cecil W., FSME, PE (2020)
Sehn, Francis J., FSME (1975)*
Shuler, Frank A. (1957)*
Sluhan, Clyde A. (1976)*
Smith, Richard A. (1964)*
Smith, Donald N. (1988)*
Spurgeon, William M., PhD (1981)*
Steeves, John G. (2002)
Taraman, Khalil S., PhD, FSME, PE (1998)*
Taylor, R. William (1982)*
Throop, James W. (1986)
Vander Weerd, Ronald H., CMfgE (2001)
Wallis, Bernard J. (1979)*
Weaver, James R. (1962)*
Welch, Albert F. (1995)*
Wells, David L., PhD (2011)*
Williams, Andrew W. (1973)*
Williams, Carl R., CMfgE, EMCP (2010)
Winter, Otto W. (1965)*