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Excellence in Composites Manufacturing Awards

In recognition of the valuable contributions within the composites manufacturing industry, the Composites Manufacturing Tech Group, which is part of SME's Plastics, Composites & Coatings Community, developed two technical awards to acknowledge the valuable roles that both large and small manufacturers play within the industry. The awards are bestowed during SME's annual Composites Manufacturing event.

The awards are presented annually to one large company and one small company that have demonstrated "excellence in the field of advanced composites manufacturing." This is an international award, and the competition is open and unrestricted to all companies that manufacture products from advanced composite materials. These annual awards recognize those companies that have demonstrated dedication and ongoing contribution to further advance the design and development of technology used in the manufacturing of advanced composites.

Each award will showcase those companies that have excelled in manufacturing products made from advanced composite materials. That excellence will include developing an innovative way via tooling and/or manufacturing process techniques, which will help manufacture future products made from these materials; or have shown accelerated growth by providing superior service, quality or cost reduction initiatives. The award recipients will have demonstrated all of the initiatives that have helped advance the overall composite manufacturing industry. 

The submission period for this award has closed.


Application Process & Rules

  • Individuals and companies interested in applying for this award will complete and submit their applications online during the nomination period.
  • Multiple submissions from any one company are acceptable as we are looking for the best example of "Excellence in Advanced Composites Manufacturing."
  • The winning company must:
    • Have at least one employee in attendance ceremony to receive the award during the annual AeroDef Manufacturing/Composites Manufacturing event. 
    • Provide a PowerPoint presentation to attendees regarding the part, project, program or overall service that resulted in winning the award. 
    • Consent to full media release to SME, which will allow SME to announce recipient with a full description of the part, project, program or overall service that they were selected to receive the award for. (Note: If the winning entry is based on a part, project, program or overall service for one of their customers, it shall be the responsibility of the winning company to obtain these permissions as noted above, and assume any legal responsibility and liability in meeting the terms and conditions as defined by SME.)

Questions? Please contact or check out our Frequently Asked Questions page for additional information.

Excellence in Composites Manufacturing Award Recipients


Small Company - Aligned Vision

Large Company - The Boeing Company


Small Company - MTorres

Large Company - Northrop Grumman


Small Company - Impossible Objects

Large Company - Bell Helicopter


Small Company - Radius Engineering Inc.


Small Company - Abaris

Large Company - Fives Cincinnati


Small Company - Exelis Aerostructures

Large Company - Lockheed Martin


ATK Aerospace Structures Division


Small Company - Janicki Industries

Large Company - Northrop Grumman


Small Company - Encore Structures Inc.

Large Company - The Boeing Co.


Small Company - Royal Engineered Composites

Large Company - Callaway Golf