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2022 SME Distinguished Faculty Advisors

SME has selected six Distinguished Faculty Advisors in recognition of their service to the organization and their student chapters in advancing manufacturing knowledge, education and SME's mission of promoting manufacturing technology and developing a skilled workforce.

Bahram Asiabanpour, PhD, CMfgE
Professor and Manufacturing Engineering Program Coordinator
Ingram School of Engineering
Texas State University-San Marcos
San Marcos, Texas

Asiabanpour is a professor and manufacturing engineering program coordinator at Ingram School of Engineering at Texas State University-San Marcos. He is also an SME Certified Manufacturing Engineer (CMfgE). Asiabanpour has served at Texas State University since 2003. He has been the principal investigator and co-principal investigator in 30 funded projects, including the principal investigator for the USDA EverGreen project ($1 million), USDA BlueWater ($250K), USEd Re-Energize ($600K) and the Co-PD of a $15 million grant from NASA. Asiabanpour has co-authored more than 50 articles with students. He has also provided several campus tours, workshops and STEM fair participation for the community. SME Member Since 2020

Vishwas N. Bedekar, PhD
Associate Professor
Department of Engineering Technology
Middle Tennessee State University
Murfreesboro, Tennessee

Bedekar joined Middle Tennessee State University in 2013 in the Department of Engineering Technology as an assistant professor. He was promoted to associate professor in August 2019 and served as an interim chair of the ET Department from 2019-20 and 2020-21. After completing his doctorate, Bedekar was appointed a postdoctoral associate in Virginia Tech and later was appointed as a research assistant professor at the University of Arkansas before joining MTSU. He has authored over 30 publications/presentations in research related to energy harvesting materials and devices, as well as one U.S. patent. Bedekar is a reviewer for 10 internationally circulated journals and a panelist for federal funding agencies related to materials and manufacturing. SME Member Since 2022

Yalcin M. Ertekin, PhD, CMfgE
Clinical Professor
Department of Engineering Technology
Drexel University

Ertekin is a clinical professor in the Department of Engineering Technology at Drexel University. In addition to positions in industry, Ertekin has held faculty positions at Western Kentucky University and Trine University. In 2010, he joined Drexel University’s the College of Engineering as an associate clinical professor. Ertekin has been instrumental in course development and the assessment and improvement of the Engineering Technology curriculum, including integrated laboratories, project-based learning and practicum-based assessment. His research has focused on the improvement of manufacturing laboratories and curricula and the adoption of simulation into machining practices. SME Member Since 1995

Jerry Gintz
Senior Lecturer; Honors Faculty
School of Manufacturing Systems and Networks
Arizona State University
Mesa, Arizona 

Gintz is a seasoned manufacturing engineer, university professor and an active member of the manufacturing and industrial automation community. His professional career spans over 40 years and includes many sectors of the manufacturing industry. He specializes in industrial automation and robotic systems integration. Gintz has dedicated his life’s work to developing structured educational programs to service the needs of engineering students through collaboration with the manufacturing community. Under his mentorship, the SME student chapter has made great strides in reinventing itself, increasing membership and gaining broad approval from both the student members and our industry partners. SME Member Since 2019 

Nguyen P. “Wayne” Hung, PhD
Professor, Faculty Fellow
Texas A&M University
College Station, Texas

Hung is a faculty member with joint appointments at the Department of Engineering Technology & Industrial Distribution and the Department of Mechanical Engineering at Texas A&M University. His current teaching and research include advanced materials and additive manufacturing of metals. Hung has published six book chapters and 220 technical /educational articles, as well as served on editing boards of the Journal of Manufacturing and Materials Processing and the Journal of Engineering Materials and Manufacture. He chaired international conferences, organizes an annual machining conference in Texas, and actively collaborates with industry and international researchers to receive funding supports from Mexico, Brazil, Singapore and USA. SME Member Since 2004

Hitesh D. Vora, PhD
Associate Professor in Mechanical Engineering Technology
Oklahoma State University
Stillwater, Oklahoma

Vora is an associate professor in mechanical engineering technology. He is actively teaching several courses and pursuing research in energy engineering and management and advance manufacturing – additive manufacturing, smart manufacturing and more. Vora is a director of the Industrial Assessment Center at Oklahoma State University, which is funded by the U.S. Department of Energy for 2022-26. He has a diverse educational background with excellent academic and research skills demonstrated by more than $4 million in funding as principal investigator and co-principal investigator, and 35+ peer‐reviewed publications. Vora has received several research recognitions in term of awards, media appearances, affiliations and opportunity to participating in various professional societies. SME Member Since 2017