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Digital Manufacturing Challenge Winners

Since 2007, various colleges/universities/high schools have participated in SME’s Additive Manufacturing Community’s annual Digital Manufacturing Challenge, which is sponsored by the community’s Direct Digital Manufacturing Tech Group. Below are links to the winners for this student design competition.


  • Winning Design: Rapid Deployment of Patient-Specific Prosthesis Assemblies in Emergency Medicine by Sagar Patel , Martine McGregor and advisors Mihaela Vlasea, Stewart McLachlin from University of Waterloo.
  • Runner Up: Hybrid Face Mask / Face Shield Design by Joshua Chen, Joshua Ocampo, Joshua Newberry, Brandon Lucaci, Chris Houghtelin and advisor Dr. Linda Chen from Washington State University Vancouver.
  • Honorary Mention: Vacuum Flasks Designed for Cold Supply Chains with Additive Manufacturing by Timothy H. Pham, Ryan Wing, Rafael A. Montalvo, Emmie Yao, Beeta Zamanimeymian and advisor Darren Lipomi, PhD at University of California San Diego

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  • Winning Design: Economic Production of Helical Savonius Vertical Turbines for Natural Disaster Relief by Devon Kaufman, Nathan Cardenas, Víctor Manuel Hurtado-Ruiz, Reijer Kolle, Robert Lafferty, Eric Lim, Allison Mazurek and advisor Dr. David Gill from Western Washington University.
  • 2nd Place: The Fog Collector by Noah Bollo, Matthew Fontana, Taylor Hepler and advisor Dr. Sanjivan Manoharan from Grand Valley State University.
  • 3rd Place (tie): Housing Block Design for 3D Binder Jetting by Jimmy Jaraczewski, Spencer Dempsey, Nicolas Stockton and advisor Dr. Wayne Hung from Texas A&M University.
  • 3rd Place (tie): FireBreaker by Jonathan Heeter, Mark Abbey, Sebastian Salazar, Shyam Balasubramanian, Zach Norwood and advisor Dr. Wayne Hung from Texas A&M University.

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  • Winning Design: University of Waterloo: The Copper Cooler: Heat Sink for CPUs
  • Co-Runner Up: Topology Optimized Wind Turbine Blades Using Sustainable Biomaterials
  • Co-Runner Up: Customized Phone Case Designed For Thermal Efficiency

Project Details



  • Winning Design: Western Washington University: The Vent Buddy


  • Winning Design: Virginia Tech: Customized Golf Grip


  • Winning Design: University of Massachusetts-Lowell: Inspector Drone for Bridges


  • Winning Design: University of Massachusetts-Lowell: “Pawsthetic” – A Custom 3D-Printed Prosthetic Leg for Dogs


  • Winning Design: Western Illinois University: A 9-Piece Assembled Truck


  • Winning Design: University of Massachusetts-Lowell: Custom Post-Reconstructive ACL Surgery Knee Brace


  • Winning Design: University of Louisville: Camera Cap and SD Card Holder


  • Winning Design: University of Massachusetts-Lowell: Custom Forearm Crutch Handgrip with an Integrated iPod Controller and Flashlight


  • Winning Design: Utah State University: Custom, Rechargeable, Universal Remote


  • Winning Design: Georgia Tech: Customized Golf Iron Heads with Integrated Sensors to Measure and Transmit Swing Kinematics


  • Winning Design: Utah State University: Customizable Aftermarket Car-Door Handles


  • Winning Design: Utah State University: Customized Web Camera