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AM Production Club

An elite club to honor companies transforming Additive Manufacturing one part at a time.

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The AM Production Club is a unique opportunity to recognize manufacturers of AM parts and products that have produced a certain number of parts in a calendar year using additive manufacturing. There is no limit on the number of companies that can be admitted to the club. The club consists of three different levels:

  • 50K Level - those companies producing 50K+ of one part/product in a calendar year
  • 25K Level - those companies producing between 25K and 49,999 of one part/product in a calendar year
  • 10K Level - those companies producing between 10K and 24,999 of one part/product in a calendar year
  • 5K Level - those companies producing between 5K and 9,999 of one part/product in a calendar year

Variations in the 5K,10K, 25K, or 50K part/product are expected so it does not have to be the same part number, but it cannot be a completely different application.

  • Companies can submit for more than one part/product .
  • If Company X sells the product but Company Y is printing the product, both would be admitted to the club.
  • Once you're in the club for a certain product, you don't need to resubmit; once you’re in the club, you’re always in the club. You can resubmit if you’ve moved into a higher level though.

What is a part?

  • Any part or product that is produced using additive manufacturing is eligible if enough are produced in a calendar year.
  • If the part/product is the same (e.g. fuel nozzle family) it would be ok. There may be some variations but since it’s not a completely different product/application, it’s eligible.

Litmus test - if you were talking to the media, would you explain the application as one thing? If so, then it can be counted toward the 5K,10K, 25K, or 50K count.

  • A service bureau that makes 5K, 25K, or 50K parts that are all different applications would not be eligible.
  • A broad product line of medical implants would not be eligible, but product families within that product line would be. So hearing aids are ok even though they are all slightly different.
  • Jewelry, such as a ring, would be ok. Different sizes and decorations would be ok as the function of the product stays the same. But the broad product line of all jewelry would not be eligible.


  • Recognition Lapel Pin
  • Highlighted on SME and RAPID + TCT Websites
  • Press release announcement

 Club Submission Requirements:

  • Company Name(s)
  • Part/Product Name
  • Application Description (250 words)
  • How many parts were printed between January 1 and December 31? - The actual number will not be shared publicly but will only be used to determine which level of the club you’ll be admitted to.
  • What AM Technology/Technologies did you use? Please specify the printer(s) used. (150 words)
  • What postprocessing methodologies did you use (if any)? (100 words)
  • What material(s) was/were used? (50 words)
  • Upload One Page Graphic/image - does not need to be detailed and should not be confidential

Submit Your Application

Deadline: May 20, 2024 (11:59 PM)

Go to: and create a login profile, or if a returning user, login:

  1. To register, enter your Email
  2. Create Password
  3. Once logged-in Select Start entry
  4. From the Category drop-down select: 2024 Additive Manufacturing Awards and Competitions
    From the next drop-down select: 2024 AMPC Submission
    In the Entry Title field enter: Product or Part Name

You may edit your entry after submitting, up until the entry deadline.
Please make sure all your personal details are entered accurately, including contact information.

AM Production Club Instructions