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SME and Flow International Corporation Team Up with Paul Teutel, Jr. to Talk Manufacturing, Motorcycles and Creativity

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(DEARBORN, Mich., October 31, 2016) — SME, which serves the manufacturing industry by promoting advanced manufacturing technology, teamed up with Flow International Corporation, to present “BUILD: Art + Technology + Manufacturing,” a special event at the University of Michigan’s Ann Arbor campus on Oct. 13. Students from the university heard from motorcycle designer, Paul Teutel, Jr., along with other notable manufacturing industry experts, as they discussed new technologies in the industry and how these technologies are being used by artists in everyday life.

“The University of Michigan students were a great audience during the presentations and had very thoughtful and insightful questions afterward. We hope they saw a real-world link of technology and art, a link that might help inspire the career choices soon to come," said Chip Burnham, Flow’s vice president of marketing.

The event highlighted the significance of creativity and innovation when developing new technologies and processes. Creativity is rarely associated with manufacturing yet it is a vital part of careers that move the industry forward.

“The manufacturing industry is undergoing a technology transformation. We partnered with the University of Michigan and Flow to show students that careers in today’s manufacturing industry are innovative and rewarding,” said SME Chief Executive Officer Jeff Krause. “We can truly make an impact on the manufacturing industry by engaging educators and students to drive interest in creative career options and high-tech possibilities.”


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