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Chapter 17- Lean (eChapter from A Guide to High Performance Powder Coating) Image

Chapter 17- Lean (eChapter from A Guide to High Performance Powder Coating)

Author(s)/Editor(s): Bob Utech
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Published: 06/01/2002
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The lean manufacturing paradigm is simple. Take a process. Focus on the intent of the process. Eliminate all parts of the process that do not contribute to the value or meet the intent. Then, look at each remaining part and work continually to lower its cost, make it timelier, and improve the quality of results. Lean manufacturing is manufacturing without waste. In some factories, as much as 80% of labor, material, and other resources do not contribute to customer satisfaction. By definition, this is waste. Lean facilities are designed to allow companies to react quickly to customers’ requirements. Quick reaction time is the basis for reduced inventories, improved cash flow and inventory turns, superior productivity, and higher quality. Many times, the success of a powder-coating firm is contingent upon the company’s adoption of lean manufacturing principles. Improving workmanship and quality will help guarantee customer satisfaction. High-quality pretreatment and powder application is a function that can be performance tested. By attacking the root causes of flow problems, a company can improve its delivery schedules permanently.