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Machinery's Handbook Guide 29th Edition

Machinery's Handbook Guide 29th Edition

Published By:
Industrial Press Inc

Pages in Print Edition: 282PP
Soft Cover

Published: 01/01/2012
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Completely updated and revised to reflect the changes and additions made to the Machinery's Handbook 29th Edition. The guide enables users to maximize the enormous practical value available from the Machinery's Handbook.

Table of Contents

  • Mathematical Formulas and Tables
  • Measurement and Inspection
  • Standard Tapers
  • Threads
  • Fastener Information
  • Cutting Fluids
  • Drilling and Reaming
  • Tapping
  • Speeds and Feeds
  • Milling Cutters
  • Keys and Keyseats
  • Broaching
  • Cutting Tools for Turning
  • Machining Operations
  • Computer Numerical Control
  • Grinding Wheels
  • Gearing
  • Properties of Materials
  • Standards for Drawings
  • Allowances and Tolerances
  • Surface Texture
  • Conversion Factors
  • Index