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The New Manufacturing Engineer: Coming of Age in an Agile Environment (eBook)

Author(s)/Editor(s): Michael Termini
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Pages in Print Edition: 301PP

Published: 01/01/1996
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Traditional manufacturing is rapidly giving way to new fast-response, customer-focused techniques that maximize the manufacturer’s return on all resources — capital, materials, equipment, facilities, personnel, and most importantly, time. Farsighted manufacturers today are implementing cultural changes throughout their organizations that complement technological advancements and facilitate the transition from mass, to lean, to agile manufacturing. The New Manufacturing Engineer addresses these core process and organizational re-engineering methodologies that are effectively restructuring the way products are designed and produced.

The book gives today’s manufacturing engineer insight into the fundamental principles and practices they will need to guide their organizations into the millennium, to compete successfully, to design and build products that are environmentally benign and customer-specific, and to maximize return on assets. Manufacturing engineers, managers, educators, and students will gain new understanding of how techniques such as concurrent engineering, setup reduction, project management, and supply chain management will play a major role in the dynamic, global marketplace of the 21st century.