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Concurrent Engineering Design: Integrating the Best Practices for Process Improvement (eBook) Image

Concurrent Engineering Design: Integrating the Best Practices for Process Improvement (eBook)

Author(s)/Editor(s): Landon Miller
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Pages in Print Edition: 319PP

Published: 01/01/1993
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This book introducesandnbsp;concurrent engineering design to all parts of the organization. Concurrent Engineering Design crosses many traditional functional elements of a manufacturing organization. Because of its broad scope and impact this book is intended for a wide group of audiences. The book, as a whole, is directed at management.

This first section introduces Concurrent Engineering Design (CE Design). CE Design is described from an Executive Summary perspective in Chapter 1. In Chapter 2, the dimensions, or new and advantageous characteristics of this "paradigm shift" creating concept are discussed.

Interest in CE Design is accelerating in impact for a variety of reasons; these reasons are discussed in Chapter 3. World class manufacturing, and CE Design's relationship to it, as weIl as CE Design's enabling characteristics for world class manufacturing are discussed in Chapter 4. Section II describes the business, technical and managerial processes within which CE Design's activities occur. This section is important to engineering and production manufacturing management.

Section III focuses on the Computing architecture necessary for CE Design and an overall implementation plan for CE Design. This section should be of interest to all management. The Appendices contain self-assessment guides, suggestions for other self assessment materials, and a glossary.