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Plastic Injection Molds DVD

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Video Length: 28 minutes

Published: 09/13/2004
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The injection mold is an extremely important element of any plastic injection molding operation. Molds determine the shape of the part; vent trapped air or gases during injectionact as heat exchangers to solidify the molten plastic, and eject the cooled parts.

Part of the Fundamental Manufacturing Processes Video Series, this program highlights the primary injection mold components, including the mold base, cavity and cores, runner system, cooling system, and ejector system. Segments cover injection mold types, the use of computer simulation, mold prototyping techniques, and mold maintenanceandnbsp;and repair.

The injection mold types segment showcases in detail the cold-runner two-plate mold, the cold-runner three-plate mold, the hot-runner mold, and the insulated runner mold.

The plastic injection mold production segment explores the use of computer simulation to develop molds, mold production methods, mold prototyping techniques, and mold maintenanceandnbsp;and repair.