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Plastics Machining and Assembly DVD

Produced By: SME

Video Length: 27 minutes

Published: 02/01/2002
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Part of the Fundamental Manufacturing Processes Video Seriesthis program focuses on the primary machining and assembly processes used for plastics.

The plastics machining segment highlights the use of sawing, milling, routing, turning, waterjet cutting, laser cutting, drilling, and the secondary holemaking operations such as tapping and reaming. The importance of coolant used while machining plastics is also explored in detail.

The plastics assembly section covers the many fastening and joining methods used to produce plastic parts. Included are segments on snap-fit fasteners, the use of hinges, mechanical fasteners, adhesive and solvent bonding applications, and the various plastic welding processes, including spin welding, hot-gas welding, ultrasonic welding, vibration welding, heat staking, and ultrasonic staking.