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How to Get from Here to There in Rapid Manufacturing

Author(s)/Editor(s): David W Rosen PhD, Andrew C Layton

Pages in Print Edition: 19PP

Published: 07/30/2004
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Developments in rapid prototyping lead the community to consider the follow-on steps. One step is rapid manufacturing. Mass production is cost effective for quantities in the hundreds or thousands. The use of rapid manufacturing will yield a cost structure that is an extension of RP. Rapid manufacturing is not a replacement for mass production--the economics models are too different. The applications where rapid manufacturing has an advantage are: unique end products, complex geometries, low volume, fast delivery, high value added and designs subject to revision. Three major applications of rapid manufacturing will be presented: align technology, Siemens/Phonak and on-demand manufacturing. Authors: Andrew C. Layton, David W. Rosen, Georgia Institute of Technology, Atlanta, GA.