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Machines & Automation

Laser Wrinkle Rings Swiss Machine Bells and Whistles

Swiss-style or not, CNC automatic lathes have carved out an impressive record machining precision engineered parts for a wide variety of industries including medical, aerospace, electronics, hydraulics, and automotive. The Swiss-style lathe continues to evolve adding new functions to maximize efficiency in machining complex parts complete. By now the ability to bring multiple tools into the cut has found general acceptance as well as recognition of the challenge that it poses to programming skills.

Viewpoints Blog

Viewpoints: NNMI: A New Place for Advancing Manufacturing

Additive manufacturing has captured popular attention now that retailers are selling low-cost 3D printers. There is a perception that additive manufacturing simply appeared in the past two years, yet the technology has been under development for nearly 30 years—a timeline that is about average for a process or new material to mature from laboratory to production.


Machine Vision Inspection Speeds Up Automotive Lines

The automotive industry might represent the ultimate challenge to providers of machine vision equipment used in robotic guidance and material inspection. “The automotive industry is a microcosm of the entire industrial world,” explained David Dechow, staff engineer for FANUC. “Every potential industry is represented, from raw metal to electronics to wiring to machinery and everything in between.” Machine vision—electronic imaging for inspection, process control, and automated guidance—provides unique benefits in practically every facet of the industry.

Controls & Software

When Bytes Meet the Reality of Manufacturing

Computing data storage continues to get faster and cheaper. Since collecting huge data sets is becoming ever more feasible, now moving to affordable cloud storage, what is the impact to manufacturing? What are the risks?


Polytechnique Montréal Researchers Develop Ultra-tough Fiber that Imitates Structure of Spider Silk


Polytechnique Montréal researchers have produced an ultra-tough polymer fibre directly inspired by spider silk. They believe that composites obtained by weaving together tough fibers of the type they're currently developing could, for example, make possible new, safer and lighter casings for aircraft engines, which would prevent debris from dispersing in case of explosion.

Event Coverage

Can the Maker Movement End the Skills Gap?

We in the manufacturing world have been watching the skills-gap crisis in manufacturing rise up around us. The number of baby-boomers retiring has become a flood while the number of young people interested in manufacturing slows to a trickle. Most of us, however, haven’t been aware that another cultural change is happening at the same time—a change that, if nurtured, could become a lifeline for manufacturers. It's the maker movement.

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