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What supply chain players are learning from the pandemic

In the U.S., we are not seeing any specific localized disruption yet, although I’m watching New Jersey where it could be on the cusp. There are a lot of manufacturing facilities there in pharmaceuticals and chemicals, and therefore that’s an area I think we should be paying attention to.
Sridhar Tayur, University Professor of Operations Management and Ford Distinguished Research Chair, Tepper School of Business, Carnegie Mellon University

Latest News Related to COVID-19


The manufacturing industry is currently being called upon to help solve some of the world’s biggest problems. Through creativity and perseverance, manufacturing companies are having a huge impact across the globe. SME takes a closer looks at the manufacturers making positive impacts under these unique circumstances.

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Training at Tooling U-SME

Close the skills gap

Manufacturing relies on a skilled workforce – and a strong workforce relies on ongoing training and development. Working with leading manufacturers and educators to create relevant and free online classes, Tooling U-SME is the industry’s leading training and development leader.
SME Membership

Make network connections

Looking for opportunities to connect, learn and grow from fellow manufacturers? SME membership gives you access to exclusive industry resources and benefits, as well as a community of professionals, educators and students who are passionate about manufacturing.
SME Education Foundation

Attract new talent

Continued growth requires attracting the next generation to our industry. The SME Education Foundation works to build awareness, enhance academic opportunity, and inspire, prepare and support students at every educational level.
SME Events

Meet and learn from industry leaders

Success in manufacturing requires strong connections and relationships. As producer of industry leading events, SME provides opportunities to learn, grow and succeed all while forming connections with the people who matter most to business objectives.
SME Media

Keep up with industry trends and technology

Stay up-to-date with technology and industry advances by following SME Media, the leading source for news and in-depth technical knowledge about advanced manufacturing.
SME Certification Programs

Advance your career

Earning a certification validates your knowledge against industry standards, sets you apart from your peers and can even boost career opportunities. Explore SME's professional certifications to see how a new certification can advance your career.

Training Anytime Anywhere

The future of business is changing, and remote work is happening now. One way for manufactures can keep their skills sharp is through online learning. Tooling U-SME is the industry leader in online manufacturing training with comprehensive programs. Gain the career skills you need on your own schedule.