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Workshop Proposals for NAMRC

The North American Manufacturing Research Institution of SME (NAMRI/SME) invites proposals for events such as workshops, tutorials and short courses to be held in conjunction with the annual North American Manufacturing Research Conference (NAMRC).


The objective of the proposed events will be to provide a forum for dissemination and discussion of technical information in fields of interest consistent with NAMRC. All events held in conjunction with NAMRC must have the approval of and positively affect the reputation of NAMRI/SME.

Event Scope

The technical scope of the event should support, align with or expand the range of the associated NAMRC program.

Areas of interest include: physics and technologies of manufacturing processes; design, dynamics, control, precision and accuracy of manufacturing equipment; primary processing (e.g., powder consolidation and casting), welding and assembly, processing of alternative materials (e.g., polymer composites and ceramics); material behavior and tribology as related to manufacturing processes; CAD, CAM and concurrent engineering; robotics and automation; rapid prototyping; manufacturing systems and simulation; human factors and man-machine interactions relating to manufacturing; rapid response and networked manufacturing; environmentally conscious manufacturing; and nano and microscale manufacturing.

The event should provide attendees with rich, in-depth, informative and up-to-date materials consistent with the quality of NAMRC. Events tied to specific applications or having a narrow focus are not encouraged. Commercial and promotional events are prohibited.

Event Timing

NAMRC-affiliated events may not conflict with the NAMRC program. Events may be held prior to or immediately after the NAMRC program.

Proposal Submission

Event proposals should be electronically submitted to the NAMRI/SME president by Sept. 1 of the year prior to the specific NAMRC under consideration. The proposal should address the following:

  • Event title
  • Proposers
  • Technical content
  • Targeted audience
  • Expected enrollment/attendance
  • Event duration and timing, including advertising mechanisms  
  • Budget
  • Benefit to NAMRI/SME members
  • Revenue sharing with NAMRI/SME
  • Anticipated assistance required from the NAMRC organizing committee

The proposal is required to contain a letter of support from the NAMRC organizing committee. Proposals will be reviewed and a decision to approve the event will be made before Nov. 1.