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Product Title: Workholding

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Workholding includes any device used to grip and present a workpiece to a cutting tool on a machine tool.

To provide an understanding of workholding as a fundamental issue in the machining process, this program, part of the Fundamental Manufacturing Processes Video Series, examines the principles of workholding, milling and machining center workholding, and lathe workholding.

The principles of workholding segment covers datums, part location, the six degrees of freedom, the 3-2-1 locational method, and issues of reclamping or rechucking workpieces.

The milling and machining center workholding segment looks at small-lot, medium-lot, and mass-production workholding options while detailing the use of clamps, vises, multi-vises, cubes, columns, tombstones, indexers, rotary tables, modular fixturing, pallets, pneumatic clamping, hydraulic clamping, vacuum workholding, and application-dedicated fixtures.

The lathe workholding segment explores the use of three-jaw chucks, six-jaw chucks, four-jaw chucks, two-jaw chucks, indexing chucks, collets, collet chucks, between centers turning, drive dogs, face drivers, steady rests, and magnetic chucks and fixtures.


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