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Product Title: Holemaking

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Holemaking is the most common machining operation, consuming half of all cutting tools used in chip making operations. Part of the Fundamental Manufacturing Processes Video Series, this program examines drilling basics, the drill, holemaking machines, drilling operating parameters, and hole finishing operations.

The drilling basics segment details chip generation, high pressure coolant systems, short hole drilling, peck drilling, deep hole drilling, trepanning, EDM holemaking, and laser holemaking.

The drill segment takes an extensive look at the elements that make-up the twist drill, such as the shank, flutes, drill point, cutting lips, chisel edge, and drill web. The various drill types are also featured, including: indexable insert drills, center drills, spade drills, core drills, step drills, drilling end mills, and drill jigs.

The holemaking machines segment explores the sensitive drill press, radial drills, self-feeding drill units, multi-spindle drilling machines, and drill and tap centers.

The drilling operating parameters segment presents the variables of cutting speed, feed/penetration rate, drill bluntness, and drill point grinding.

The hole finishing operations segment covers reaming, boring, honing, roller burnishing, counterboring, and countersinking.


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