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Product Title: Milling and Machining Centers

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Milling is a highly versatile machining process that uses rotating, multi-edge cutters to generate flat and contoured surfaces. Because of its effectiveness, cutting tool choices and compatibility with automation milling with machining centers is perhaps the most important high-volume manufacturing process for shaping materials.

Part of the Fundamental Manufacturing Processes Video Series, this program provides a broad understanding of the milling process, including segments on milling machine basics, CNC machining centers, tool changers and cutting tools, workholding and workchanging, machining center accessories and programming, and operating parameters.

The milling machine basics segment defines and details the components of a knee mill, including column, table, saddle, ram, head, quill, and spindle. Toolholders and workholding are also featured.

The CNC machining centers segment takes an extensive look at both vertical machining centers and horizontal machining centers as well as axes of motion, rotary tables, and indexers.

The toolchangers and cutting tools segment explores toolchanger designs and capacities and milling cutters and operations including face milling, edges, grooves, peripheral milling cutters, end milling, slotting cutters, chamfering, pocket milling, contour milling, and more.

The workholding and workchanging segment covers the various vises, clamps, tombstones, and multiple vices used in milling, as well as workchanging and pallet changing.

The machining center accessories and programming segment features the use of touch-trigger probes, tool presetting machines, toolholder types, and programming and simulation.

The operating parameters segment presents the variables of cutting speed, feed rate, axial depth of cut, and radial depth of cut and looks at the impact cutting fluids and lubrication have on the milling process.



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