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Product Title: Painting and Powder Coating

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Part of the Fundamental Manufacturing Processes Video Series, this program begins with an introduction to the basic elements of all paint formulations including pigments, additives, solvents, and resins. Viscosity and volatile organic compounds (VOC) are also explained. The two types of resin polymer structures, enamels and lacquers, are explained with an emphasis on the crosslinking aspect of enamels.

The liquid paint coatings segment examines both solventborne and waterborne high solids paints and their type of liquid fluidization including solution fluidization, dispersion fluidization, or emulsion fluidization. The process of applying liquid paints is broken down into three fundamental sequences part pretreatment and cleaning, paint application, and paint curing. The paint application processes includes conventional air spraying; airless spraying; air-assisted airless spraying; high-volume, low-pressure spraying; electrostatic spraying; and electrocoating.

The powder coatings segment fully details the various process powder coating subsystems, including pretreatment methods to prepare the part surface for coating, the various application systems to apply the powder, spray booths and powder recovery systems, powder curing using convection or infrared ovens, and part transport systems to move parts through the process.


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