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Product Title: Chapter 50- Forming Processes Analysis (eChapter from Fundamentals of Manufacturing Supplement)

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There are several variations of the extrusion process that allow for a variety of ductile materials and shapes to be produced. The three primary extrusion methods are direct, indirect, and hydrostatic. Rolling is a highly productive, continuous forming process that can be done hot or cold. The primary shapes produced are plates, bars, rods, and structural shapes. Forging is another way to form and reshape material to produce parts and tools. Hot forging is the controlled plastic deformation or working of metals into predetermined shapes by means of pressure or impact blows, or a combination of both. Metal spinning is a very specialized metal forming process used for hollow products that can be turned to produce the desired shape. Products made by spinning include urns, orifices, nose cones, dishes, swaged tube, and more. Bending refers to the basic process of folding over the edge of flat material. It is achieved by stressing the metal beyond its yield strength, but not exceeding its maximum tensile strength. Sheet-metal stamping is another press forming process. It is considered the most common sheet-metal forming method. Hydroforming uses hydraulic pressure to move the work piece material (sheet or tube) so it will conform to the shape of a metal die.


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