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Product Title: Chapter 49- Machining Process Analysis (eChapter from Fundamentals of Manufacturing Supplement)

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Published Date: 2005-04-01

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In cutting, the goal is to achieve the appropriate accuracy, surface finish, and maximum productivity. Whether it involves production or prototyping, cost, timing and quality are the key drivers. Traditional machine technology has been constrained by the limitations of the cutting tools themselves. Regardless of how fast machines can operate or how sophisticated the software is, if the cutting tool is inadequate, the job will be done incorrectly. Work piece materials are also becoming more sophisticated, presenting new challenges to the machining industry.Advanced cutting tool materials refer to those materials needed in cases where higher cutting speeds are used, which generate higher tool temperatures. The exact material composition of the advanced cutting tools available is difficult to define given that it is a very competitive industry and the compositions are proprietary. This section describes some of the key materials: carbide, coated carbide, and cermet. The use of inserts for cutting tools dominates the tooling industry. The wide variety of tool geometries available requires careful consideration of all tool materials, work piece geometries, and machining conditions. The tool selection process involves two key factors, cutting physics and economics. This chapter also covers boring, broaching, grinding, thread cutting, and tapping.


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