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Product Title: Chapter 28- Hot-wire Tools for Thermoplastic Parts (eChapter from Hand Deburring Increasing Shop Productivity)

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Author: Dr LaRoux K Gillespie, FSME, CMFGE, PE



Published By: SME

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Published Date: 2002-11-01

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ISBN: 978-1-62104-003-3   


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Heat treatments and cold cutting processes can be used to deburr and deflash thermoplastic parts. Most of the cold efforts are based on cryogenic tumbling processes rather than hand operations because cryogenic temperatures cause severe burns. The hot-tool concept is simple. A tool is shaped like the desired edge finish, then passed along the edge to produce the shape. These tools can be made from bent wire or machined steel. Thermocutters are handheld tools that typically use an integral transformer. Any thermoplastic material can be deflashed with hot tools, but some tools are more effective than others.


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