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Product Title: Chapter 23- Handheld Motors (eChapter from Hand Deburring Increasing Shop Productivity)

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Author: Dr LaRoux K Gillespie, FSME, CMFGE, PE



Published By: SME

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Published Date: 2002-11-01

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ISBN: 978-1-62104-003-3   


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Hand deburring involves a variety of motorized tools. In simple terms, they can be divided into either handheld units or motors that operators hold parts against (that is, handheld parts). Handheld motors are discussed in this chapter, and bench motors and allied motorized devices in the next chapter. Nine categories of handheld motors are used for deburring and deflashing. They are industrial motors, dental motors, flexible-shaft motors, angle grinders, portable sanders, reciprocating files and stone holders, portable drills, portable edger and chamfering machines, chippers, and scalers. The advantage of motorized tools is that they are much faster than hand motions. In many cases, a motorized tool speeds deburring 2–5 times the normal rate. There are some 500 different motorized tools used in the United States or deburring, deflashing, and polishing applications. This chapter deals with those commonly used on metal parts. Rotary motors present safety hazards. They rotate, so they can throw things, and workers can injure themselves if they come in contact with the rotary portion of the motor.


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