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Product Title: Chapter 13- Mounted Points ( eChapter from Hand Deburring Increasing Shop Productivity)

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Author: Dr LaRoux K Gillespie, FSME, CMFGE, PE



Published By: SME

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Published Date: 2002-11-01

Page Count: 10

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Product Type:   EBOOKCHAPTER


ISBN: 978-1-62104-003-3   


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The family of products known as mounted stones or mounted points is another type of efficient tool in burr removal. Mounted stones are actually miniature grinding wheels on small shanks. They are used much like rotary burrs or rotary brushes for deburring and edge finishing. This chapter describes the available industrial and dental mounted stones. Although the focus of this chapter is the design and use of mounted stones or mounted points, it is important to recognize that a variety of abrasive-filled products are commonly used for similar purposes. These materials include: resin-bonded mounted stones, vitrified-bonded mounted stones, resin-impregnated cotton or muslin fiber, hard rubber bonded mounted wheels, soft rubber polishing wheels, and treated mounted wheels. Miniature grinding wheels must be accorded the same safety precautions as those used on large wheels.


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