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Product Title: Chapter 11- Reamers as Deburring Tools (eChapter from Hand Deburring Increasing Shop Productivity)

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Author: Dr LaRoux K Gillespie, FSME, CMFGE, PE



Published By: SME

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Published Date: 2002-11-01

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ISBN: 978-1-62104-003-3   


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Reamers are typically used to produce precision hole sizes. In the world of deburring, they are also widely used to deburr intersecting holes. When one hole breaks into another, a burr forms. Burr size depends on feeds, speeds, and drill geometry, as well as the relative sizes of the two holes, the angles at which they intersect, and the offset dimension between the axes of the two holes. The holes generally intersect well below the outer edges, so it is difficult to reach the burrs. Mechanized processes, such as abrasive flow machine (AFM) deburring, thermal energy method (TEM), and electrochemical deburring (ECD), readily remove these burrs, but they require equipment. For manual operations, reamers provide a fast way to remove the major portion of the burr. The intent, using the reamer, is not to open the hole size, but to guide closely on the drilled hole diameter so the burrs are sheared off, leaving no material projecting into the diameter.


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