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Product Title: A Guide to High Performance Powder Coating (eBook)

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Author: Bob Utech



Published By: SME

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Published Date: 2002-06-01

Page Count: 357

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Product Type:   EBOOK


ISBN: 978-1-62104-045-3   


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A Guide to High-Performance Powder Coating examines industry costs, performance, and environmental effects. The text looks at technical advancements made in powder coating procedures and equipment, and it explains these concepts for those in the industry trying to maintain a competitive edge. Powder coating materials and their performance properties are looked at along with electrostatic theories, curing, and ovens.

The book looks at design and construction aspects of the pretreatment washer system and explores monitoring and maintaining pretreatment systems, along with the fundamentals of avoiding pretreatment failure. Other topics include equipment hoppers and feeders, powder booths, applications, operating conditions, and safety issues. Performance testing, including industry standards and chemical resistance, are explained. In addition, troubleshooting procedures when a product is off color, off gloss, or exhibits poor adhesion qualities is presented.


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