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Product Title: Fundamentals of Manufacturing Workbook (eBook)

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Editor:  Philip D Rufe


Published By: SME

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Published Date: 2005-04-01

Page Count: 114

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Product Type:   EBOOK


ISBN: 978-1-62104-006-4   


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Combined with the book Fundamentals of Manufacturing, 2nd Edition, this workbook provides a structured review for the Certified Manufacturing Technologist (CMfgT) examination, and is excellent refresher tool for those preparing for the Certified Manufacturing Engineer (CMfgE) exam. The curricula is consistent with the manufacturing "body of knowledge" published by the Society of Manufacturing Engineers.

Authored and reviewed by subject matter experts, the "Fundamentals of Manufacturing Workbook" is an essential tool for studying for the exam and determining where further work is needed. It contains 200 questions and solutions weighted according to the body of knowledge. Questions address mathematical fundamentals, physics and engineering sciences, materials, product design, manufacturing processes, production systems, automated systems and control, quality, manufacturing management, and personal/professional effectiveness. References are provided to guide further study.


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