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Product Title: TMEH CD-ROM (V1-V9) Network Version (Single Site License)

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Published By: Society of Manufacturing Engineers

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Published Date: 1998-10-01

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The TMEH Knowledge base contains the 7,000 pages of the 9-volume Tool and Manufacturing Engineers Handbook, including 5,300 illustrations, 1,800 tables, and 1,000 equations. Covers design for manufacturability, materials, machining, forming fabricating, plastics molding and manufacturing, finishing, coating, assembly, material and parts handling, quality, and continuous improvement. FAQ-Answers to frequently asked questions: -Site license is for any number of users at a single location. -All files and programs are in Adobe Acrobat PDF format. Most networks work with Acrobat PDF files and Acrobat Search, but you should verify with your network administrator. Technical questions should be directed to Adobe at -Acrobat Reader (with Search) required. It is included on the CD-ROM in versions for most operating systems. Others can be downloaded from -Search for any term anywhere in the text, within or across files. Performs word and phrase searches, Boolean searches, proximity searches, and more. -Pages can be printed for customer's own use. All material is copyrighted by Society of Manufacturing Engineers and may not be published or otherwise distributed. -Requires Pentium IV or better, 10 megabytes of available hard-disk space, CD-ROM drive, double speed or better. 16 megabytes of RAM for Acrobat Reader. -Requires 68020 Macintosh or better, or Power Macintosh, CD-ROM d rive, double speed or better. 5 megabytes of RAM for Acrobat Reader.


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