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Product Title: Sheet Metal Forming Knowledge Base CD

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Author: Mr Kurt Lange, David A Smith LSME



Published By: Society of Manufacturing Engineers

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Published Date: 2002-03-01

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Product Type:   CDROM


ISBN: 0872635511   


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Save $--original price $140.00!A comprehensive, authoritative source on sheet metal forming, this CD-ROM has fully searchable text of 2,300 pages excerpted from all the revered SME reference books on the subject. Over 40 interactive equations will help you estimate side thrust in cutting dies and calculate areas of shells, force, blank diameters, press size, guide pin deflection, bend allowance, economic order quantity, stock requirements, and more. Simply input your values and get the answers instantly on your computer. Minimum requirements: Pentium processor, 64 MB RAM, 8× CD-ROM drive, Windows® 95 or later.


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